TOP 70 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs, Earn Money

best affiliate marketing programs

Affiliate programs made by genuine business people, who perform profit roles between user (customer or visitor or Beneficiary) and owner or company that offers including services or product promotions either physical or digital via online/internet medium.

There are many kinds of affiliate programs available, here you can see related affiliate marketing programs. The Best Profitable Online Affiliate Marketing Programs to get extra income.

Caution: Awareness and Information Purpose Only.

Everyone wants to earn money from online, it just take a time to get income from online. There are many ways to make real money from online, one of the ways is joining to an ad network, where advertising takes place on websites, get advertised by other popular trusted company’s websites, which serviced relevant and quality ad serving through publisher’s websites or blogs.

Know more about What is Affiliate marketing or Program

How To Earn Money With Blog Or Website 2019?

The advertising company offers to publisher to get monetize their websites or blogs to earn some money. And some companies provide affiliate program and digital marketing place for advertisers too.

Now a day there is much more ad network available out there online but, one of the trusted, relevant and give offers to users to earn money, affiliate marketing program and adverting is and it is as an alternative for Google AdSense.

Affiliate Program, Affiliate Network, Affiliate Marketing all they have same role in Online. Here we can see top best affiliate marketing programs which are most of partners gain their income being as affiliate partners.

1) Adcombo

Adcombo affiliate program

Adcombo affiliate site

Company Name: Adcombo

Official Website:

Service Type: Online affiliate partnership and advertising Service

Membership: Affiliate Partners and Advertisers

Affiliate Tools: Banners, Affiliate Text Links

Cookies Duration: N/A

Commission Type: Cost per Action  (CPA),Cost per Lead (CPL) and  Pay Per Click (PPC)

Referral Commission 5% for every success full new user register or service use.

Payout Period: twice a week (Bi- Weekly)

Minimum Payouts: $50

Payout Options: Visa, paypal, payoneer, webmoney


AffiBank affiliate program

AffiBank 2019

Company Name: AffiBank

Official Website:

Service Type: online advertise marketing and affiliate program service

Membership: Affiliate Partners and Advertisers

Affiliate Tools: Banners, Affiliate Ad Text Links

Cookies Duration: N/A

Commission Type: Pay per Sale (PPS) / Cost per sale (CPS)

For every sale 75% commissions  and Bonus $10 for joining

Minimum Payouts: $50

Payout Options: PayPal

Commission TypePay Per Sale @ 75% for each product of our network that you sell.
signing up Bonus$10
Payout Requirements$50 Minimum balance required for payout.
Payout DurationPayments are made once per month, for the previous month.

3.Affiliate partner ltd

Affiliate partner ltd affiliate program

Affiliate partner ltd 2019

Official Website:

Service type: online advertising and Marketing partner network

Affiliate Tools: Banners, Affiliate Links, Deep Links

Commission Type : cost per action (CPA)/cost per acquisition

Payout Period: Monthly (After 30 days successful sale)

For Example

If you made a sale on 1st Jan then you will be paid next month on 1st Feb or 1st week of Feb

on need to wait for 30 days

Minimum Payouts: $100 (more than $50)

Payout Options: Paper cheque or wire /Bank transfer

4.Affiliate wp

Affiliate wp affiliate program

Affiliate wp 2019

Company Name: Affiliate wp

Official Website:

Service Type: Products service, online advertising and affiliate marketing

Membership: Affiliate Partners, Advertisers

Affiliate Tools: Banners, Affiliate Links, Referral link generator, Simple short codes

Cookies Duration: 30 days

Commission Type: Pay per Sale (PPS) / Cost per sale (CPS)

20% on each successful sale

Payout Period: Monthly

Minimum Payouts: $50

Payout Options: PayPal affiliate program

Affiliate com 2019

Company Name:

Official Website:

Service Type: online advertising and affiliate marketing service

Affiliate Tools: Banners, Affiliate Links

Commission Type: Cost Per Action (CPA) and Cost per impression (CPM)

Payout Period: Net 20 basis (and Weekly)

Minimum Payouts: $100

Payout Options: PayPal, Wire/Bank Transfers


Agoda affiliate program

Agoda affiliate

Company Name: Agoda

Official Website:

Service Type: Online Advertising ,Booking Hotels, Resorts, Hostels, Affiliate marketing & More

Content and Website, Blog Monetizing Service

Affiliate Tools: Banner Links and Affiliate text Links

Commission: Each $200 booking at a commission rate of 5% and earns $10 in commissions

Less than 50 bookings  you will be paid your commission: 4%

Between 50 and 99 bookings : 4.5%

Between 100 and 199 bookings: 5%

Between 200 and 999 bookings: 6%

More than 999 bookings: 7%


Ambassador affiliate program

Ambassador affiliate 2019

Company Name: Ambassador

Official Website:

Service Type: Online Service, Products advertising marketing

Affiliate Tools: content Post Links and banners  (Integrated SAAS)

Commission type: PPS, CPS & CPA

By referral commission : $100 for each new visitor (who complete full demo / sign up /service use)

and get paid up to $500 per annual

20% for every success full new signups through referral link

Payout Period: monthly on the 3rd day of each month

Payout Options: PayPal or Visa prepaid card


Avangate affiliate program

Avangate affiliate 2019

Company Name: Avangate

Official Website:

Service Type: Online advertising and Digital goods affiliate marketing service

Currency: U.S. dollars and EURO

Membership:  Affiliate Partners, Advertisers

Affiliate Tools: Banners, Affiliate Links and deep links

Cookies Duration: 30 to 180 days

Commission Type: for every sale (PPS, CPS and CPA)

Payout Period: 20 days from the end of the month

Minimum Payouts: $100

Payout Options: PayPal, Wire/Bank Transfers and By cheque.


Avantlink affiliate program

Avantlink affiliate 2019

Company Name: Avantlink

Official Website:

Service Type: online product advertising and affiliate marketing

Cookies Duration: N/A

Commission Type: Cost Per Action (CPA)/Lead Generation / Cost per Click (CPC)/Pay Per click (PPC)

Payout Period: on the 25th of each month

Minimum Payouts: $10 fee with $50 minimum withdrawal ($50 for PayPal and $100 for Direct Deposit).

Payout Options: PayPal, paper check affiliate program

Booking affiliate 2019

Company Name:

Official Website:

Affiliate page:

Service Type: services or products bookings made through websites, Blogs and social Media

Currency: in EUR, USD or GBP only

Cookies Duration: 60 days

Commission Type: N/A

Payout Period: between 30 to 60 days

(Success full conformation on service use or product purchase)

Minimum Payouts: €100 or $115.64

Payout Options: PayPal, Wire/Bank Transfers


Chitika Affiliate

Company Name: Chitika

Official Website:

Service Type: online affiliate marketing, products advertising and content monetization service

Affiliate Tools: Banner links and Text Links

Cookies Duration: N/A

Commission Type: CPM and  Click Through Rates (CTR)

get paid 10% refferal commision for each  successful new visitor  (who sign ups and service use)

Payout Period: Net 30 based

(As company was mentioned For example, if you earn $60 in March, you will be issued that $60 commission money at the end of April).

Minimum Payouts: more than $50

Payout Options: Payoneer

12.CJ affiliate commission junction

Company Name: CJ affiliate commission junction

Official Website:

Service Type: Service, products, advertising, affiliate marketing and CPA

Membership: Publisher, advertiser

Affiliate Tools: Banners, Affiliate Links

Commission Type: Net 20 based

Payout Period: N/A

Minimum Payouts: $50

Payout Options: Paper Check, Direct Deposit


Company Name:

Official Website:

Service Type: affiliate marketing and online products advertising marketing

Commission Type: Cost per Action (CPA)

Payout Period: 15 days from the last success full business day of each month

For Example if you earned all commission (Money) between

December 1st to December 31st  then you would be paid on around January 14th or 15th.

Minimum Payouts: $50

Payout Options: multiple options


Company Name: Clickbank

It is a well-known company in everyone’s affiliates hand

Official Website:

Service Type: physical, digital products and online marketing service

Commission Type: Net 60

75% commission for success full products sale or service after 60 days


Company Name: ClickMagick

Official Website:

Service Type: (Affiliate Premium plans) All in One Affiliate Tracking service

Free Trial for 14 Days on All Accounts

Monthly plans and yearly billing options (Save 30% at yearly plans)

1-Hour Guide on affiliate Tracking

1-Hour Support in the Help menu

Membership: Affiliate premium tracking partners

Affiliate Tools: All in one Tool

Your Commission: By using Affiliate tracking service in Your Website or blog you will get

35% recurring commissions and $5-$10+ EPCs with your affiliate traffic

Payout Period: Daily

Minimum Payouts: $50

With a 14 days on free trial account

Payout Options: PayPal Mass Pay (No any fees)


Company Name: ClickMeter

Official Website:

Affiliate page:

Service Type: Affiliate Tracking Service, Free Affiliate Membership and Refer partner.

As Company mentioned:

-Create an Affiliate tracking link

-Use it in your ads and then

– Watch real-time reports

Affiliate Tools: Affiliate Tracking Tools, Conversion Tracking, Track Back page Ads, Track Tumblr Visitors, and Link Cloaking, Links rotator, Source Tracking and more.

Commission: 90% sale promoting for Link Tracking service

Get paid Up to $891 for a single sale


Company Name: Clickperfect

Official Website:

Service Type: Online Marketing, Affiliate Program ,Affiliate Tracking Service

Free Trial for 14-Days just like give above (15, 16)

Training videos right in the dashboard and support team is available to assist every day on From Monday to Friday (9AM to 5PM PST).


Company Name: Clixgalore

Official Website:

Service Type: CPC, CPA, lead, CPL or CPM based affiliate program and advertisement service

ClixGalore Affiliate Marketing has joining setup fees (monthly fees)

$75 for opening account balance and this $75 used to pay your Affiliate commissions.

Currency: Dollars US$, Pounds £, or Euro €

19.Commission factory

Company Name: Commission factory

Official Website:

Service Type:  online advertising marketing and online marketing tracking software  service

Affiliate Tools: Affiliate Tracking manager (include all required tools for premium user)

Commission Type: CPA, CPL, CPS

Referral Commission 5% per successful sale of  product or service

Payout Period: Weekly

Minimum Payouts: N/A

Payout Options: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cheque or Prepaid MasterCard


Company Name: Conversant

Official Website:

Service Type: Digital Marketing and CPM,online product advertising service and affiliate marketing.

Commission Type: CPM

Payout Period: 30 days after the end-of-month

Minimum Payouts: $100

Payout Options: PayPal or paper checks (bank cheque)

21.Convert kit

Company Name: Convert kit

Official Website:

Affiliate page:

Service Type: service, Email marketing, affiliate program and Marketing automation tools.

Affiliate Tools: Affiliate Text Links

Commission : 30% for each new user through referral link  up to $30

Payout Period: to get best results on affiliate commission it will be pending for up to 60 days

If you earned a commission on August 4th, all August commissions would be approved on  2nd Oct (creating a 56 day delay) and paid on  3rd Oct

Minimum Payouts: N/A

Payout Options: PayPal, Wire/Bank Transfers


Company Name: CrakRevenue

Official Website:

Service Type: Affiliate Tracking Software Service and CPA Network

Affiliate Tools: Affiliate Tracking Software Tools and Monetization tools

Commission Type: CPL, CPS, CPI, and RevShare

Payout Period: based on earning commission

Net 7, Net 15,Net 30  (Weekly, twice in a month)

Payout Options: Paper Check, Paxum, Wire/Bank transfer and Firstchoice Pay

23.Creative market

Company Name: Creative market

Official Website:

Service Type:It is an online market store which sells digital goods for web creative, WordPress themes and stock photography, Promoting products and more

Affiliate Tools:  text links and products referral  links

Commission Type: PPS

Get paid up to 10% of every success full sale (purchased by new user/visitor/ customer)

Earn 10% for all Creative Market products by referral

For each new subscriber referred to Creative Market Pro then get paid up to $240

Referred PlanGet paid (Your Earnings)
 ($49-$59 monthly)


For 10 Downloads

$60 per new subscriber, If paid evenly for 12 months( over 1 year) You will get paid  $5 per month
($99 – $129 monthly)


For 24 Downloads

$120 per new subscriber, paid consistently 1 year
($10/ month)
($199 – $249 monthly)
$240 per new subscriber, (1 year ) ($20/month)

8) Payout Options: PayPal


Company Name: Ebates

Official Website:

Service Type: Online services, offers and promotions, email Targeted marketing and Cash Back campaigns

Partnered at Rakuten Company

Affiliate Tools: Coupons, Deals, Promo Codes & Cash Back

Commission Type: for every sale based (PPS)

Joining bonus $10 in  Ebates (Free $10 Signup bonus )

Maximum cashback amount of $50

Payout Period: quarterly (Tri-monthly)(not 3 times per month) it may be changed

Minimum Payouts: $5.01

Payout Options: PayPal, Big Fat Check

25.Escalate media

Company Name: Escalate media (Crunchbase)

Official Website:

Service Type: Investment trends, Business Ecosystems, Marketplace, Venture Program ,Academic Research and Advertise on Crunchbase

Membership: Community Partners, Media Partners, Event Partners

Commission Type: CPA , CPL

Referral Commission N/A

Payout Period: Net 15 based

Minimum Payouts: $25

Payout Options: PayPal, Paper Check

26.Flea Market Flipper

Company Name: Flea Market Flipper

Official Website:

Affiliate page:

Service Type: Online Marketing Service and affiliate partner (PPS)

Affiliate Tools:  Affiliate text Links

Cookies Duration: when a user / visitor/ customer clicks on an affiliate link then

That time the visitors IP is logged & a cookie is placed in their browser (For tracking purposes)

Commission: up to 50% for every sale (PPS) either service, product or online Course

Payout Period: 15th of the month (If you made commission on  1st June then you will be paid in  15th July previous month (may be Net 15 based).

Minimum Payouts: $100

Payout Options: N/A


Company Name: FlexOffers

Official Website:

Service Type: Affiliate Marketing Network, Affiliate Tracking software, Products and Services

Membership: advertisers and publishers

Affiliate Tools: Affiliate Tracking software Tool

Commission Type: Earnings Per Click (EPC)/PPC, CPA  and  CPS

Referral Commission: Up to $450 per each success full referral

Payout Period: Weekly / Monthly

NET 30 basis (NET 7 For Top Performers) and (Advanced Payments Net60)

Faster payments partner through Tipalti.

Tipalti get paid your earnings on FlexOffers

Minimum Payouts: $100

Payout Options: PayPal, Wire/Bank Transfers, Paper Check  and ACH (Direct Deposit)

28.Flip Affiliates

Company Name: Flip Affiliates

Official Website:

Service Type: Online affiliate partner program and marketing,

Affiliates promotions,casino and bingo brands

Support at: personal affiliate manager via Skype

Affiliate Tools: Affiliate Text Links and software Tools

Cookies Duration: N/A


50% revenue will be shared in the first two month and 30% from month 3 onwards (from 3rd  month)

Payout Period: on the 25th of the month the following previous month

For example If you have earned (made a commission) on 1st December then

you will be paid on 24th or 25Th Jan.

Minimum Payouts: €100 ($115.57) or higher

Payout Options: NETeller, Skrill and Other options may be at admin panel


If you don’t earn any commission for any month, your net revenue which you have already earned previous days or month will be minus at the end of the month

(Your previous earnings will be getting minus)

Now we need to do a fresh start another new month.

29.Flipper Force

Company Name: Flipper Force

Official Website:

Service Type: Online marketing services, House Flipping Software, deals, managing contractors, tracking, buying and reselling. (Buy at discount & sell at profit system)

To get a profit need to do buying a service or property at a discount and resell for a higher amount of value.

House Flipping Software most used for real estate, construction & software industries.

30.Flipper Host

Company Name: Flipper Host

Official Website:

Service Type: online affiliate marketing, Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS/SSD VPS and

Dedicated servers.

Affiliate Tools: Banners, Affiliate Text Links

Commission Type: PPS

25% for shared host (monthly or any other payment period)

20% for Reseller host (monthly or any other payment period)

15% for VPS / SSD (monthly or any other payment period)

5% for dedicated servers host (monthly or any other payment period)

Payout Period: Net 60 Based for Monthly Payments on the 15th (45-days of account creation)

Minimum Payouts: $25

Payout Options: PayPal

31.Google AdSense

Company Name: Google AdSense

Official Website:

Service: well-known for all people about Google AdSense

One of the best and popular, trusted, genuine services, advertising marketing in this world.

Partner Tools:  Text Link Banners

Supported Platform: websites, Blogs with Top Level Domains (TLDs) and YouTube

Commission Type:  Pay per Click (PPC) and Pay per impression/ pay per mille (PPM)

Get paid each 1000 views

Minimum Payouts: $100 but keep in balance $25

If you have $125 in your AdSense balance then you need only withdraw $100


Company Name: Jane

Official Website:

Service Type:  Marketing service on latest trends in fashion, home decoration, women’s fashion trends and children’s clothing and much more.

Jane affiliate program Partner with ShareASale for tracking and paying out to affiliates of Jane.

Membership: Affiliate Partners and online sellers

Affiliate Tools: Banners, Affiliate Links, Deep Links

Cookie duration : 15 days

Commission Type: PPS

Commission get paid at 11% for new customers

Get paid 10% for returning customers and Bonus opportunities at Quarterly

Minimum Payouts: $100

Payout Options: PayPal


Company Name: JVNotifyPro

Official Website:

Affiliate Tools: Affiliate Text Links

Commission Type: PPS, CPA

Get paid 50% commission for on all success full referral sales

Get paid average a $2+ EPC (Earn per Click) subscriber base

Payout Options: PayPal


Company Name: Jvzoo

Official Website:

Service Type: Promoting products and online marketing services

Membership:  Affiliates and Sellers

Affiliate Tools: Banners, Affiliate Product Links

Commission Type: N/A

Payout Options: PayPal

35.key search

Company Name: key search

Official Website:

Service Type: Online Ultimate Keyword Research and affiliate marketing program and Tracking

Partner with JVZOO and 20% Discount Code

Affiliate Tools: Banners, Affiliate Links

Commission Type: PPS, PPA

30% recurring payout Monthly for Keysearch Starter, Keysearch Pro and Keysearch Elite

20% payout Yearly for  Keysearch Starter and Keysearch Pro

Banners Sale Price: $34

(the product is a part of sales funnel which includes up to 6 other products)

Get paid 30% Commission on 1st Payment and 30% on remaining Payments

Payout Period: Monthly and Yearly

Minimum Payouts: $100 commission balance

Payout Options: PayPal, Wire/Bank Transfers

36.Liberty classroom

Company Name: Liberty classroom

Official Website:

Service: a high-quality products, gift subscriptions and services

Affiliate Tools:  Affiliate text Links (Product links) (just like Amazon)

Cookies Duration: No cookie and not allowed tracking

Commission Type: N/A

Earn commissions 50% by promoting Liberty Classroom through affiliate referral link

(Subscription price 50%)

Payout Period: 1st of the month (30 days elapsed)

(If you have earned on 20 May and then you would be paid you’re earning on 1st July )

Minimum Payouts: N/A

Payout Options: PayPal


Company Name: LinkTrackr

Official Website:

Service Type: Online affiliate marketing, link tracking technology and services.

Link Tracking at Sales, Leads, Pay per Click, Cloak Affiliate Links and more

LinkTrackr has hosted SAAS (Software as a Service)

Membership: premium affiliate partners

Affiliate Tools: Affiliate tracking software and its tools


Company Name: Maxbounty

Official Website:

Service Type: Affiliate marketing, CPA network, campaign system

Membership:  Affiliate Partners and Advertisers

Affiliate Tools: Affiliate Campaign and Text Links

Cookies Duration: N/A

Commission Type: PPS , CPA

$1000 performance bonus

This performance bonus is available to New Publishers/ New Affiliate Partners only

To get $1000 performance bonus the publisher/ affiliate must generate $3000 within first 3 months period

1st month $ 1000

2nd month $1000

3rd month $1000 total revenue $3000 then only you will be paid $1000 performance bonus. Campaign earnings

Payout Period: 15th of the following month

If you made your earning in January month then the performance bonus will be paid on February month

For example as company mentioned

Qualified publishers / Affiliate partners if they generate $1000 in each of any evenly following months like March, April and May months and then, the publishers will be paid this bonus in June month.

Problem with this type of bonus:-

You should make evenly earning in each following any 3 months by your Campaign

If you made $300 in fist month and reaming 2 months no any progressive earning ($3000 isn’t transferable to other 2 months)

It does not qualify for this bonus.

3 months evenly earnings in each individual ($3000) get paid as $1000 bonus in 4th month

Payout Options: N/A

39.Media net

Company Name: Media net

Official Website:

Service Type: online advertising marketing service and media ads

DSPs, Agency Trading Desks, Horizontal Networks, Vertical Networks, Performance Networks, AMPs, DMPs and more.

Affiliate Tools: Banner ads links (Contextual Ads, Display Ads and Native Ads)

Cookies Duration: not dependent on cookies

Payout Period: N/A

Minimum Payouts: N/A

Payout Options: N/A


Company Name: MunchEye

Official Website:

Service Type: online marketing and partner services, Product Launch

Affiliate Partner Program integrated with ClickBank and JVZoo (commissions generated form them)

Commission Type: Pay Per Sale (PPS)

Get paid commission for every successful media products sale

As company mentioned

AI Video Creator (by Video Titan)

Product Name: AI Video Creator (by Video Titan) (All In One Video Creation)

New Product Launches: 16th October

Get 75% Commissions on ClickBank with $5,000 Cash Prizes

Sign up and promote AI Video Creator

Get $200+ per sale and Earn 75% commissions at JV cash contests

Visit official website to get to know more information

41.Never blue

Company Name: Never blue

Official Website:

Service Type: Online Affiliate Marketing, CPA Network, CPA Marketing, Affiliate Marketing Pro

Neverblue Affiliate partner Program integrated with OfferVault (

Keyword Research, PPC, SEO, List Building and more

Affiliate Tools: Affiliate Marketing Tools


Company Name: OGAds

Official Website:

Service Type: Online marketing, mobile and desktop affiliate content network, webmasters, content monetize, content surveys and downloads, Desktop Content Locker, Monetize premium

EPC (Earn Per click)

Membership: Affiliate partners and social influencers

Commission Type: CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS

Referral Commission: 5% for each success full New refers

Payout Period: Net 30 (Weekly/ monthly)

Minimum Payouts: $50

Payout Options: PayPal, Wire/Bank Transfers, Payoneer, Paper Check and  ACH


Company Name: Olavivo

Official Website:

Service Type: Digital Marketing, campaigns

Membership: Affiliate Partner, Media Partners and Advertiser

Affiliate Tools: Tracking Software : which including, post back URL, iframe and image tracking pixels and more

Commission Type: CPA, CPL, CPM, CPC, REV-SHARE

Referral Commission: 5%

Payout Period: Bi-weekly & monthly

Minimum Payouts: $100 to $250 may be updated

(To get paid, there must be $250 minimum balance)

Payout Options: PayPal, Wire/Bank Transfers, Payoneer, ACH (US Only)

44.Omnistar (Affiliate software)

Company Name: Omnistar affiliate software

Official Website:

Service Type: online marketing and Premium affiliate tracking services

Membership: Premium affiliate partners for grow their online marketing business

Affiliate Tools: Tracking software which includes Tracking requests, hits, banner impressions, clicks thank you pages and more.

Use your first free 15 days trial package (start free for 15 days)

Social Share Widget, Discount Codes and Coupons and more

Basic Plan for monthly (Get extra leads and sales)

$ 47 per month

Professional for monthly (powerful tools)

$ 97 per month

Premium for monthly (The ultimate affiliate marketing)

$ 247 per month


Company Name: PeerFly

Official Website:

Service Type: online affiliate marketing, affiliate ad network, marketing software services

Membership: Affiliates (Affiliate Partners) and Advertisers

Affiliate Tools: Marketing Affiliate software Tool

Commission Type: On  Cost per Action (CPA) based

Payout Period:  weekly/ Monthly (Net 15 and Net 30)

Payout Options: PayPal, Wire/Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Amazon Gift Card (US Only), Payoneer, Postal Check (US Only), ACH(US Only)

46.Post Affiliate Pro

Company Name: Post Affiliate Pro

Official Website:

Service Type: Online Marketing, Affiliate Program Software and Affiliate Tracking

Membership: premium affiliate partners with 14 Days

Affiliate Tools: Affiliate Tracking software (including much of affiliate boosting Tools and link generators)

Free trial for 14 Days

Post Affiliate Pro pricing Plan $97 per monthly

Ultimate – $197 per Month

Network – $477 per Month

More information at admin panel


Company Name: Rakuten

Official Website:

Service Type: Online marketing service, daily deals and affiliate software marketing

LinkShare integrated

Affiliate Tools: Banners, Affiliate Links, Deep Links

Link Generator, Bookmarklet, Product LinkFinder, Bento Box, automated affiliate link generating tool,Product showcase widget tool

Commission Type: PPS, CPA

Up to 5.5% for all sales (PPS)

48.Rave media

Company Name: Rave media

Official Website:

Service Type: Online marketing, media services, digital products and Tracking Technology.

Membership: Affiliate partners and advertisers


Company Name: Referralcandy

Official Website:

Service Type: Online referral marketing program, tools services (ecommerce store)

Referring ecommerce

Membership: Premium partnership with various monthly plans and affiliate partners

Commission Type:  PPS, CPA

Referral commission: Get paid $15 per success full each visitor referred to create sign up account in Referralcandy.

Plugins: ecommerce store plugin

Free Trial on 30 days & cancel anytime

Monthly plans: $49 per month and more


Company Name: Refersion

Official Website:

Service Type: premium partnership and affiliates

Affiliate Tools: Affiliate Marketing Software (including tracking and all other tools)

(Content Migration, Training, Multi-Shop Support, Custom Development)

Free trial on 14 days

Starter monthly plan at $19 per month

Professional Plan at $89 per month


Company Name: RevenueWire

Official Website:

Service Type: Online Advertising market and service

Cloud-based monetization and commerce platform

Membership: Affiliates and advertisers

Affiliate Tools: Banners, Affiliate Links

Commission Type: Cost Per Click (CPC) , Cost per sale (CPS)

Cost per impression (CPI) or Cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and Cost per lead (CPL)


Company Name: ReviMedia

Official Website:

Service Type: Online affiliate partner network, Campaigns (Pay Per Call) and premium offers

Membership: Affiliate partners, advertisers and premium partners

Payout Period: Net 7 (Weekly)

Cost Per Action (CPA) and Pay  Per Call (CPC)


Company Name: Rewardstyle

Official Website:

Service Type: Online Marketing, Monetization Platform for Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Influencers.

Membership: Brand Partnerships

Affiliate Tools: Text Links

Commission Type:  Pay Per Sale

5-20% for a sale

Payout Period: 60-90 days after a successful sale

Minimum Payouts: $100

Payout Options: PayPal

Conditions: You must have Instagram and monetize your Instagram account

Good for Fashion, Beauty, Home decoration and other lifestyle bloggers


Company Name: Sendible

Official Website:

Affiliate page:

Service Type: Online marketing, affiliate Tracking services

Integrated with LeadDyno Tracking technology

Affiliate Tools: Affiliate Tracking Links and Banners

Get paid up to $716 per success full referred for each new user signs up

Recurring commission: 30% (on a subscription purchase for first 12 months)/(1 year)

Payout Options: PayPal


Company Name: ShareASale

Official Website:

your website or blog must have “www” prefix to approve your business (2021 updates)

Service Type: Online Marketing, Program Training Tool, Training Webinars

Program Diagnostics, Affiliate Diagnostics, Affiliate Education, Tracking (Features) services

ShareASale  Account Cost : For Merchants ,Dealers

They need $500 for access fee & minimum $100 for deposit to create a merchant account in ShareASale


Company Name: ShopStyle

Official Website:

Service Type: Online Marketing, Content Monetization service

And Products: fashion (women, men, baby/kids), beauty

Membership: D Affiliates and Influencers

Affiliate Tools: Banners, Affiliate Links

Commission type: Cost per Acquisition (CPA) or Cost per Action (CPA)


Company Name: ShowFlipper

Official Website:

Service Type: Online Marketing, (Best online art gallery) Selling Artwork Online

Buy Painting, Fine Art Prints, Drawings, Photographs, Illustrations, Books, Sculptures, Handmade Jewellery and more.

Membership: Artwork Affiliate partners

Affiliate Tools: Affiliate Art Product Links

Commission Type: N/A

Earn money with art by participating in SF Mega Contest

Win First prize: $1500 and

Runner: up get $150 rewards

Payout Period: N/A

Minimum Payouts: $50

Payout Options: N/A


Company Name: Skimlinks

Official Website:

Service Type: Online service, content Monetization Service

Membership: Advertisers and affiliate partners

Affiliate Tools: Banners, Affiliate Text Links

Commission Type: CPM (Cost per 1000 Views), PPS (Pay Per Sale)

Referral commission: Get paid 35% for each success full sign up refereed through refer link


Company Name: Sovrn

Official Website:

Service Type: Online Advertising services and more

Affiliate Tools: Banners, Affiliate Links

Commission Type: CPM

Payout Period: Net 30+ (after 30 days )


Company Name: Swoop

Official Website:

Service Type: Online Advertising services, Content Monetization and Automotive publication

Membership: Affiliate Publishers/Partners

Affiliate Tools: Banners, Affiliate Links


Company Name: Tailwind

Official Website:

Service Type: Online Marketing, Marketing Tool services and Tracking

Membership: Affiliate publishers

Affiliate Tools: Software Tool which include

Content Schedule Posts, Monitor Conversations and social media like

Pinterest & Instagram Scheduler, Analytics & Marketing Tool and more


Company Name: Tapfiliate

Official Website:

Service Type: Online Marketing and cloud based affiliate tracking software services

Membership: Premium partners and advertisers

Affiliate Tools: cloud based affiliate tracking software

Software for E‑commerce and integration SaaS (Software as a service)

Commission Type: PPS, CPA

Get paid 20% per each new visitor success full sign ups (lifetime commissions)

Create an account on Tapfiliate platform

Premium monthly Plans for software

Free Trial for 14 Days

Essential $69 per monthly & 30 day money back guarantee

Including Advanced social sharing, Automation (Zapier, webhooks, emails) and more.


Company Name: Terraleads

Official Website:

Service Type: Online Marketing and Ad campaigns

Commission Type: Cost per Action (CPA)

Personal account manager, providing 24/7 multilingual support

Offer Types: Nutra

Payment Options: Bank Transfer, ePayments, Paxum, Paypal, WebMoney


Company Name: Vcommission

No.1 Affiliate Marketing company in Asia

Official Website:

Service Type: Online Products advertising and affiliate marketing services

Membership:  Affiliate Partners and advertisers

Affiliate Tools: Banners, Affiliate Links and more

Payout Period: Net 30 based (If you made your earnings on April then it should be validated full month of May and You will be paid on 1st week of June month)

Minimum Payouts: $100

Payout Options: PayPal, Wire/Bank Transfers

$100 to $999 will be sent via PayPal only

$1,000 will be sent via International Wire Transfer only


Company Name: Viglink

Official Website:

Service Type: Online marketing, content monetization service and advertising

Viglink have partnered with Effinity and  vCommission

Membership: Affiliate partners and advertisers

Affiliate Tools: Banners, Affiliate product text Links

VigLink Product Suite, APIs, Cutting-edge technology

Commission type: for every sale based Pay Per Sale

Referral Commission: 35% per new customer / new user (Service use/ sign ups or product sale)


Company Name: Voluum

Official Website:

Service Type: Online advertising and marketing tool tracking service

Integrated with cloud-based SaaS

Affiliate Tools: Voluum tracking tool

(Including tracking ,optimizing campaigns and more)

Cookies Duration: 30 days

Commission Type: Pay Per sale (PPS) , Cost Per Action (CPA),

Referral Commissions: 7% lifetime


Company Name: WarriorPlus

Official Website:

Service Type: Online marketing and affiliate tool service

Membership: Affiliate Partners and advertisers

Affiliate Tools: Affiliate Tool that includes all required tools for increasing affiliate marketing

Automation sales, Automated Product Alerts, Modern API, Coupon Codes

Multi-Tiered Commissions, Affiliate Accelerator and more.

Payout Options: PayPal


Company Name: Webgains

Official Website:

Service Type: Hi-performance affiliate marketing network and advertising

Cutting edge integrated technology

Membership: Publishers and advertisers

Affiliate Tools: Banners, Affiliate Links

Commission Type: CPA, CPL, CPS, and CPC

Referral Commissioning: N/A

Payout Period: Weekly

Minimum Payouts: $25

Payout Options: PayPal, Wire/Bank Transfers, Paper Check and ACH


Company Name: Webnode

Official Website:

Affiliate Page:

Service Type: Online affiliate marketing, tracking and web hosting services

Membership: Affiliate partners (publishers) and premium plans partners

Affiliate Tools: Banners, Affiliate Links

Cookies Duration: N/A

Commission Type: PPS, CPA

Referral commission: $100 per every premium plan purchased by new customer/ visitor through your referral link.

If a customer/visitor buys 3 plans through your link then you will be paid $300 (Your earnings $300) increasing rate 3 times.

(Domain registration will not be paid any commission)

It includes premium hosting plan for one year free

Payout Period: N/A

Minimum Payouts: $100

Payout Options: PayPal

Media.Net: Ad Network

Best Ad Network Media.Net For Publishers, Advertiser in 2019 (Alternative For Google Adsense)

Everyone wants to earn money from online, it just take a time to get income from online. There is so many ways to earn real money from online, one of the ways is joining in ad network where advertising on websites, get advertised by other popular trusted company’s websites which serviced relevant and quality ad serving through publisher websites or blogs.

The advertising company offers to publisher to get monetize their websites or blogs to earn some money. And some companies provide affiliate program and digital marketing place for advertisers too.

Now a day there is much more ad network available out there online but, one of the trusted, relevant and give offers to users to earn money, affiliate marketing program and adverting is and it is as an alternative for Google AdSense. is one of the best ad network companies which is Yahoo Bing Network to maximize user’s revenue and by its quality ad serving and developing innovative products for publishers. is one of the biggest Ad-Tech companies in the world and is a leading global advertising company with one of the most comprehensive portfolios of advertising technology.

It is easy to approve your website or blog within 2 days. And best CMP, CPC and more

Company Name:

Company Offers: Advertising, Monetize Your Website or blog and Affiliate Programs

Contextual ads very helpful to monetization and Programmatic Contextual

Display ads which is global demand

-Native Ads

-Best CPM Rates

-Mobile Friendly ads

-Best in Display-To-Search Ads (D2S) ads

-Best CPM rates

-CPC Cost per Click / PPC Pay per Click

There are many ad networks available online but it is one of the bet ad network for publishers, advertisers and with good CMP Rates and easy to approve website or blog within 2 day. Latest updates will be soon one by one here.


This is an informative post only. Top best 70 Affiliate Marketing Programs. There are so many affiliate marketing programs are out there in online. Don’t be cheated. Read genuine reviews about Affiliate Company or website from other view blogs. Be aware of before joining in any affiliate programs.

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