Best Android Live Wallpapers For Mobile Phones 2020

Best Live Wallpapers with Glorious looks For Android Mobiles.

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Android Live Wallpapers

Live Wallpapers are having beautiful simulation background images which were designed for android, iOS, PC. Live wallpapers can give us some happy feelings while viewing them, because they have colorful design and many kinds of features something like

1. Neon Glowing Background

2. Twinkling and glittering particles

3. Falling beautiful animated effects

4. Flying particles and more

Here you can see best collection of live wallpapers which are related to nature like

-Nature live wallpapers

-Live Fish

-Animal with nature

-Galaxy and Planetary

-City night Scenery, Fireworks twinkling particles on the sky at night time and much more

Here all live wallpapers were testing in Android mobile phone and videos were provided just check out live wallpapers collection videos full reviews with music only.

1) Solar system Scope

Solar system Scope is one of the best apps which are Solar system with planets, asteroids, Encyclopedia for details of each every planet and Structure. It is Amazing 3D simulation app for android mobiles available in Google Play Store. Give a big thanks to App Developers, App creators, it is an amazing app.

App Name: Solar system Scope

By INOVE, s.r.o.

-Category: Education

-Platform: Android

-Availability: Google Play Store

-App size: 97MB


1.Solar system

2.Sun and Planets


4.Encyclopedia (some description about each planet)

5.Music Enable (Music On and Off Option)

6.Switch Planet Option

7.Night Sky

8.Planet Structure

9.Zoom in and Zoom out, rotating system

10.Planet or space system Upgradable Option (Need to Purchase)

2) KOI Free 3D Live Wallpaper

KOI Free 3D Live Wallpaper

To get better video quality, you have to change video settings which were within the video, check it.


KOI Free 3D Live Wallpaper is realistic live fish wallpaper with colored fishes with live water moments and various types of water background wallpapers. Touch moment water live effects.

App Name: KOI Free 3D Live Wallpaper

By: Kimvan

-Platform: Android

-Availability: Google Play Store

-App size: 14MB


1.Different colors of Hot air Balloons

2.only six kinds of  background wallpapers

3.Wind speed option

4.Number of balloons option

5.times of day changing option

6.Wind direction


8.Weather set option

3) Neon Fish Live Wallpaper

Neon Fish Live Wallpaper

Neon Fish Live Wallpaper is fish live wallpaper which has beautiful and colorful neon fish with water sound having live water moments.

App Name: Neon Fish Live Wallpaper

By: Live Wallpapers 3D

-Platform: Android

-Availability: Google Play Store

-App size: 4.2MB


1.Live water moment

2.Sound option


4.Fish sizes

5.Water Speed option

6.Bubbles touch effects

My pocket Galaxy3D Gravity Sandbox Free For Android Game App 

My pocket Galaxy 3D app

Best Galaxy 3D Simulated Game & Best Galaxy App Game

My pocket Galaxy -3D Gravity Sandbox Free is a free app which is game app for playing game is Galaxy 3D simulated Model with Cool graphics. It is a Smash tuff game play 3 simulation app for android mobiles. Choose one of the space materials from available which are in game option and target to smash it and make it blast by tapping with your finger. It is Amazing gameplay in galaxy on your android mobile phone with your hand. Unlock different space materials every time by playing Game. Cooling Gunfire and Heat gun firing in galaxy.

App Name: Solar system Scope

Solar system Scope

By Pocket Labs

-Category: Simulation (Game App)

-Platform: Android

-Availability: Google Play Store

-App size: 47MB


Smash tuff game play 3D Amazing Simulation

1. General Option and Gameplay

2. Graphics Levels

3. Planet size

4. Music and Sound FX Option

5. Spin Speed option and Asteroids

6. Colors, ring size, position and Mass size

Cool explode animation scene in galaxy

Tutorial guide and skip options

Unlock different space materials

Videos: Total 39 Beautiful Live Wallpapers

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Best Android Mobile Live Wallpapers  with Stunning and related to nature live wallpapers for android mobiles.Some of them may not support to some kind of mobiles. Check updates before installing any apps.

Thank You.

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