Best Profitable Education Business Ideas (Successful Ideas)

Best Profitable Education Business Ideas (Successful Ideas)

best profitable education business ideas

You do not want to do multiple jobs. You may have a day job, but want to quit and start any small business in an education sector. Whether it’s launching online classes or making notebooks or printing textbooks or you’re looking for innovative business ideas in an education sector.

You can read some successful list of best profitable education business ideas given below.

best business ideas


Depending on the type of education industry, you can get a good monthly income

Income Details Approximatelys

Month to year income based on subjects, demand and skills

₹10,000 to ₹ 65,000

($140 to $895 Approximate)

₹1,00,000 to ₹1,50,000 or  ₹2,00,000 plus Approximately

($1450 to $2065 or $2850 Approximate)

Caution Note:

The information in this blog is awareness purpose only, those who has interested to do this as to be a particular profession position and has ability to do as their passionate way. Many different ways are available that you can get income by doing genuine ways via offline method or online medium.

School Uniform Making

Every school has a unique uniform and students must adhere to it. And hence, this is a wonderful business idea that can be started even from home. For this, you need to take a contract from some schools.

If you can hire some critical employees, you can deliver school uniforms in a timely manner. This is one of the best education business ideas to start with low investments.

Starting A Play School

This is one of the school related businesses to start with low investment. With hard work and dedication, you can soon achieve success in this line.

Opening a play school is another profitable business idea. You need to invest in the necessary equipment. You can take the franchise of any reputed play school or get a license from the government to start a play school.

Plan proper budget

Choose suitable Place

Name it wisely & attractive

Install required instruments

Start play school business, where mostly demanded

Drawing School

If you have creative skills, art of drawing, you can start a drawing school.

Most children want to learn the art of drawing, sketching and painting. This art related business has huge potential and can be started with low possible investment for required tools. You can provide it offline or online. This is another great way to get a good monthly income.

Spoken English Classes

If you are proficient in speaking English, you can take a speaking English class.

Do not underestimate the English language and with good English speaking skills you will always have a good position over others.

Spoken English classes business can also be started from home without any investment. The success of this business depends on your expertise and marketing skills.

Stationery Business

Books, Note Books Copies, Files, Pens, Pencils, Crayons, Sharpeners, etc. are always in demand throughout the year. This business does not even require expertise and can be started with minimal investment.

You can also expand if you can get some extra investment.

Education Project

College students often accumulate projects to do.

If you are innovative skills and ready to help students at their projects, you can start your educational project business.

It may involve some writing project or some practical model work. This is very demanding when it comes to changing annual project innovations.

Software Training Institute

These days thousands of engineering graduates are graduating, but not getting jobs.

This is because of the skill set gap between what is expected against what is being taught in colleges.

You can startup a software training institute and offer courses for hot skills that will become one of the most profitable education business ideas.

Printing Press

If you have printing skills, you can start your printing press. You need to print books and other printing materials in your press. You need to invest for required instruments like printing machines, paper bundle etc.

Notebooks, Note Pads Manufacturing Business

Notebooks and notepads are widely used in schools and offices.

You can start a notebook manufacturing business.

The collection of good quality raw materials is important in this business.

You should do market research before starting this type of business.

It is one of the most important business ideas with low investment.

Online Digital e-Library

For this type of business, you have to adapt all physical books into electronic format such as PDF eBooks. You should give the library membership with a subscription amount to interested readers.

It is a growing business option with good efficiency.

Education Tutor via YouTube Channel

If you are very good at explaining things and good knowledge in certain subjects, you can become a YouTube Educational star by starting your education channel.

If you are very good at explaining things and good knowledge in certain subjects, you can become a YouTube education star by launching your education YouTube channel.

You should make educational videos and help children understand the subject content.

You can apply for a Channel Partner program to show ads on your videos to gain popularity.

You need to learn video editing skills to give better video productions.

Manufacturing Bags For Schoold/Collegess

School bag / college bags are required for each student regardless of their age, school / college and the standards they are studying. You can start a school bag making unit.

Before starting this business, you need to have a complete knowledge of the required Raw material and sewing process. Most schools also look for customized bags. You can contract for any schools to supply customized bags. You need to invest less for raw materials and machinery

Online Teaching

Nowadays, Online teaching is one of the most trending and popular Education businesses. Anyone who specializes in a particular field can start this online course without investment.

Offline Business Ideas

For this, you need to have a computer system and a good internet connection. You can start your own online teaching business affiliated with any professional institute. You may be charged a fee per hour or per day session.

Education Blogger

If you have good knowledge at blogging and expertise in a certain education field, you can start blogging about suitable niche with provide quality content.

There are good opportunities to make good money from blogging through advertising. You need to invest less for web hosting and domain.

Chalk Manufacture Business

Blackboard studies are one of the most traditional but also the most popular studies. There is a regular demand for chalk in educational institutions. You can start your own home-based business with low investment for raw materials and machinery.

Teaching Subjects

At Schools or Colleges (in Government or Private Sector)

Teaching subjects at schools or Colleges, it is one of the prodigious professional’s jobs that those who interests teaching their knowledge via subjects (subject Books).

Some people have able to teach a specific or multiple subjects, those who can teach two or three schools per day as their syllabus and timetable.

They can make good monthly income from teaching in smart way, either a single school or more them one or more than two and in Colleges as well.

List of some Courses

Business Studies, Computer Studies.

Dramatic Arts, Law.

Visual Arts, Philosophy.

Health and Physical Education.

Environmental Science, Green Industries.

Technological Design, Hospitality and Tourism.

Construction Technology, Diploma courses.

Medical and Medicinal Teaching.

Engineering, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical

Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics,

Natural Sciences, Botany, Zoology.

Geology, Geography, History, politics.

Economics, Democratic Politics and many more.

What Should You Need To Do This?

You have good communication

You have good knowledge that your selected subjects

You have ability to teach subjects

You have patience

You must have eligible degree or other suitable educational study certification documents.


Great professional position

Good monthly incomes

Festival Holidays, General Holidays

The teaching life at exams time may slightly different from normal day

It Include Full time Teacher and Part time job

Approximate, Monthly income ranges from ₹ 10,000 to ₹60,000 and up to ₹1,50,000 plus depending on demand and region.

($150 to $850, up to $2060 per monthly)

Did You know?

Many people may not know.

Many great personalities those who are inspirations for Children or Social, initially they successful as teachers, finally their status became as great governing in Govt. sectors.

For example Some rare such IAS’s, IPS’s, CEO’s , Presidents, doctors, lawyers and many great persons initially came from teaching field.

Home Tuition

Home Tuition is a kind of professional teaching field that classified in to many categorized, but most successful bases is two types. Home tuition may include individual, family group or group of professionals. You can run it your own or group of teachers, or with family members

Self-Home Tuition

In self-home tuition, you may just offer half of your home space for tuition or good spaced separate room.

You need to set up either digital wallboard or black board in selected tuition room with good lighting and ventilated room.

You need to add tuition banner side of the road

Tuition advertisement at your local area

Let them know about your tuition strategy information via Tuition pamphlet


Also great professional field

You have to invest for instruments such as black board, projector screen, chalks, lighting, electricity bill etc.

Good monthly incomes

Festival Holidays, General Holidays as your wish

At exams time you cannot run tuition

Full Time or Part Time tutor

Approximate, Monthly income ranges from ₹ 12,000 to ₹50,000 plus depending on number of students demand and region.

($165 to $800 per monthly)

Rented Home Tuition

You need to rent a good spaced room or large spaced veranda from someone’s home, which must suitable for all tuition field requirements.

You have to pay monthly rents for it to run your tuition continues.  

You have to invest for rent space, instruments such as black board, projector screen, chalks, lighting etc.

Deduct all expenses

Approximate, Monthly income ranges from ₹ 15,000 to ₹35,000

($210 to $485 per monthly)

Teaching Institution

This must have group of professionals and make it success long last.

Providing many required educational services such as books, study materials, instructions and many more.

Online teaching is also suitable for it, but sometimes students cannot ask their doubts, may not possible.  


Also Good Professional job

Good monthly incomes

Festival Holidays, General Holidays as your wish

At exams time you cannot run tuition

Full Time or Part Time tutor

Online teaching is also possible

Teacher Training Institute

Today, schools are looking for highly professional and skilled teachers for their schools. You can start a teaching Institute, where you can provide teachers with better teaching skills and new technology to make their teaching more effective. The profit in this business is very good. However, you will need put low investment in this business.

Job Oriented Coaching Center

One of the best leading institutes are coaching centers, where many students get technical coaching for their competitive exams and also to Prepare for Higher Education.

Group of people or individuals can run it successfully and grip it long last

You can provide online video caching and eBook materials via emails.


Professional Teaching Field

Good monthly incomes

Festival Holidays, General Holidays as your wish

At exams time you cannot run tuition

Full Time or Part Time tutor

Both Online and offline teaching is possible

Deduct all expenses

Approximate, Monthly income ranges from ₹ 20,000 to ₹50,000

($285 to $690 plus per monthly)

Certification Courses

(Short Term Job-Oriented Courses)

Certification courses also sometimes called as Diploma courses.

Mostly duration of these certificate courses time varies from 1 month, 3 months, 5 months, 6 months, 8 moths, 9 moths, 11 months, 1 year , 2 years and longtime courses up to 3 years.

Eligibility: includes 10, 10+2 or UG, Degree, Engineering and Diploma possible

Certification courses involve short-term training program for those students who are not able to avail degree graduation and sometimes these courses included UG and PG level Certification courses as well.

Including courses categories are Management, Healthcare, Education, Foreign Languages Arts, Commerce, Science, PG Certificate etc.


These are Job-Oriented short period of Courses that you can directly apply for job to join in related organization or company.

Job recruitment possible

Good Opportunity

Good monthly Salary


Group of professionals can run this institute or

As a student get short time course and join in reputed organization for Job

Or Self employment

Or work from home

Note: Some courses are available online too

Deduct all expenses

Approximate, Monthly income ranges from ₹ 25,000 to ₹100,000

($350 to $1380 per monthly)

See the list of certification courses link to another new page: Certification Courses


Nowadays, highly demanded field is education sector, you can Start a business in the field of education is proving to be highly profitable.

Most businesses can be started with low investment. So, look for any of them and give it your best.

The best profitable education business ideas can give you ideas to start a good business.

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