How To Enable Developer Options in Moto G5 Plus

Enabling Developer Options in Moto G5 Plus or in any mobile is same thing but, the way of options to access in the latest updated mobiles and theirs versions may just very mobile to mobile.

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How To Enable Developer Options in Moto G5 Plus

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Developer options and their Benefits in Moto G5 plus Mobile

Developer options are essential options in any mobile phones.

Every smartphone, mobile phones have developer options, but by default this option are not being activated or enabled in any mobile phone, we have to enable this option manually.

Developer options have some extra functionality which is very useful to mobile phones.

Keep in mind, you should find and search all settings of your mobile phone, because every mobile phone has its settings option and other menu options may be different.

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Step by step to enable Developer options in mobile phone

1). Open “Settings” which is in your mobile phone

Moto G5 Plus Developer options


2). Go to “System

3). Open “About Phone

Enable Developer settings in Moto G5 Plus

Developer option in Moto G5 Plus


Now scroll down until you find “Build Number”

4). Tap for 5 times on “Build Number” with your finger, then

Developer options will be activated and appeared whenever you have done your 5 times tapping on “Build Number”.

5).You will see Developer options if you go back to previous menu.


Moto G5 Plus Developer settings

This options may varies mobile phone to mobile phone, find this option where its located in your mobile phone.

That’s it you have successfully enabled Developer options in your mobile.

What can you do with Developer options, if you have in your mobile phone?

Well! Have some benefits of Developer options

There are so many options available in developer options, but some of them mostly used options were listed below.


-USB Debugging

This option helps you to transfer or copy data from your PC to your mobile phone or mobile to PC. This option just connects between Mobile phone to PC.

-show Taps (Show Touches)

This option enables your finger taps on mobile’s screen with white circular sign mark.

Whenever you started tapping on mobile with your finger, there you can find finger sign marks on screen.

But some mobile phones have this option in different place not have this option and

But some mobile phones not has this option, just search and check out all your mobile’s settings.

-windows animation options, they are 3 types as following below

1. Windows Animation scale

2.Transition animation Scale

3.Animator Duration Scale

These are settings with animation actions of mobile phone, you can see all animation modes and test them, and how your mobile phone responds with different animation modes, now choose an animation of them which makes just faster than previous one.

If you do “animation off” for all following 3 animations options, then you will get feel as your mobile phone just faster than earlier one which is without any settings.

Force 4X MSAA (Enable 4XMSAA in OpenGL ES 2.0 Apps)

This option can help to run the HD Graphics Games without logy or struck and more other settings has includede in developer options.


Enable Developer Options in Moto G5 Plus:

Developer options are important that you can just speed up your mobile’s functions by turn off of animation option. You can control your pc to mobile or mobile to pc and you can transfer data such as images, videos and more from mobile to pc, this option included more feature which depending on model of mobile phone. You can try it, but just careful handle, don’t activate unless you don’t use it.

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