How To Download AutoCAD 2019 And Full Activation

How To Download AutoCAD 2019

Download AutoCAD 2019, Install and full Activation Free for 3 years of Student License.

Caution: Awareness and Information Purpose Only.

Download AutoCAD 2019

AutoCAD is one of the best designs creative on drawing and drafting Software Application for Pc which is used in wide range of engineering education such as Civil engineering, Mechanical, Electrical and other technical courses and on fields. And various companies, institutions and more. Student License for 3 Years Free.

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AutoCAD 2019 System requirements

-Operating System: Windows 7, Windows8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (32-bit & 64-bit)

-Disk Space free: 6GB (6GB empty free space needed)

-Memory: Min 8 GB (16 GB Recommended)

-Processor: Min 2.5–2.9 GHz

-Recommended 3 GHz or more

-Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080 or more

Now AutoCAD 2019 is Full activation on student License for 3 years.

Recommended Video with full details:

Steps are given as below

1. Open Your Browser and type AutoCAD then search for it.

2. Now Create an Autodesk Account in Autodesk official website with your email (Free).

3. Select Your Country.

4. Choose your Educational Role.



–School IT Administrator

–Design competitions Mentor

5. Date of Birth (Month, Date and Year).

Next fill up detail such as First Name and Last Name.

Enter your Email and one more time enter it for conform.

Create a New Password for Autodesk account with minimum 8 characters.

Keep in check Mark on checkbox.

6. Open your email then verify it and Activate Autodesk Account (Read email which is you received before you go to conform).

When if your Account is verified then you can choose which type of software package do you want to download from given different checkbox section.

If are you a student then enter your college name or institution name and other can enter theirs company name.

7. Choose your enrolled month and year of your education if you’re a student.

Select your graduate in month and year.

Ones if you have done all of above steps then you can see there, your account has been created.

8. Now click on download button.

9. Choose your desired version of AutoCAD from given option.

Select your operating system type (32 bit or 64 bit) and

Elect your Language (in which language do you like to run this AutoCAD?) most English

You can find there your product Serial Number over below the download link

-Serial Number: 101-12365478 (something like this)

-Product Key: 011K1 (something like this)

-File size: 2.45

-Number of persons can use this same serial and product key

And now click on Install Now Button then one more time check in radio button to continue this process. Just wait a while until it appear as application download option on your PC

Then select AutoCAD Software download destination in your computer (PC) (Either on Desktop or in default download folder of your PC).

10.Click on RUN Button.

It will be started downloading and installation process.

Whenever if there is finished downloading and installation.

-Open AutoCAD by click on AutoCAD Icon which is on your desktop and just wait until it will open all aspect windows to complete its activation window on user interface window.

-Now this time privacy statement window will pop up.

-And click on Agree Button.

-And later it will pop up Activation window.

-Click on Activate Button.

-In this time you need to open Notepad or MS Word as your choice.

-And copy Request code and paste in any text editors like MS Word or notepad and then save it on desktop to easy access it.

-After that you have to open Autodesk website’s link and sign in with your email which is already you have created.

-Watch above given video to get full information. And as in video you can activate it from helping section of Autodesk Official Website.

-Select as required options to activate it and write something issue or not.

-Now Take a copy of Request Code and paste it on required field on online active window.

-Request Code would something like be  XXL4 CWX5 CMTL MPPC KHMM BCM6 CTPM1 and so on.

-Sometimes pasted code cases won’t show Submit button, now you just remove end of the letter and type manually this letter on that field as it is and click on Submit Button.

-Nest you have to open AutoCAD and click on Activate button.

-Now there keep check in radio button as Mentioned in video

-Now this time you should copy activated code from online active window.

-And paste this code in to AutoCAD Activation Field and finally click on Next and Finish buttons.

-Now you have activated for your student licensed AutoCAD for 3 Years free.


Here you can see AutoCAD 2019 Download, Install and Full Activation on Student License Free for 3 Years, but you can try it different yourself no need following exact process. You can observe in video there as you can follow different process to activation of AutoCAD yourself. This is an informative purpose only.

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