How To Earn Money With Blog Or Website From Online 2019

Best ways of earning money from your blog or website.

Earn money from Blog

Ideas To Earn Money With Your Blog or Website even In 2019. Blogging is one of the best well-known methods to earn money by sharing your creative Content information with other people in online.Top Best Online shopping Affiliate stores to earn money. And 70 Affiliate Marketing Programs In 2019.

Website: some collection of web pages on online, pages may be like home page, about us page, contact page and other pages.

Blog: Regularly updating with new content means new information on fresh topic.

write tech information or profitable topic what ever would you like to share through your blog (website) online.

Your skills on your content and managing of your Blog (website) in online make you earn some money.

How To Earn Money With Your Own Blog

Creating a website (Blog)

Choose best web hosting provider which has high speed servers and full supported team members & response team that very important when if you face any issues in your website or server.

Create free website

You must have a Gmail (email) Account for to do everything in online.

Choose suitable domain for your website (Blog).

Domain just is friendly with (SEO) search Engine Optimization.

you have to choose short  domain and easy to remember.

Example short domain:,, etc.

Examples for domain

Domain (s) Domain Name (s) Keywords (Tags) Google Google mytech Mytech blogsee Blogsee movies Movies fineinfo Fineinfo study study

Top Level Domains (TLDs) which have with extensions .com, .net, .edu, .org  are  well-known domain extensions.

Country based domain is preferred as  TLD’s too ( ,  and etc.)

These domains are not free , we need to buy domain with web hosting at reasonable cost for our needs

Free domains are with extensions like  (  .ml,  .tk,   .gq ,  cq   and etc.

it’s very useful to practice for beginners.

Practicing and experiment with free domain and free web hosting is leads to a good blogging experience.

how solve website’s issues and may have ability to handle problems in website and understanding working functions of  plugs and themes.

you can learn website building and more stuff from free web hosting and after that you can buy a good webhosting and domain for your own blog or website.

It is an idea to learn blogging without  any knowledge on coding or  someone ‘s helping at right time.

Keep in mind before creating website or blog you should identify your interest and which trend would you like to give updates and share information on online through your blog (website).

Example for some profitable trends:

WordPress website, blog, YouTube, affiliate marketing topics, software, mobiles, gadgets reviews, make money online etc.

Visit popular websites and observe how could they have to be good at online and read all things to know how you can manage your website and create dynamic useful content for your website.

 Let’s Get Started

 –Create a blog as your passion.

-Select a profitable trend or category.

Example : wordPress website and Blog.

-Write articles on website or blog and not only publish your content but also share in social media.

Articles on SEO topics for blog and topics of troubleshooting blog page load speed

earn money by content writing

Now get a few comments on your blog articles.

Then you should apply for best CPM company to get income (earn money for thousand views).

CPM= Cost per million (cost per thousand visitors views) it also known as pay per view (ppv).

Best trusted and well-known company is Google AdSense.

Earn money from Google AdSense 

Submit your website or blog address (URL) looks like

After done of Approval your blog for AdSense account then Google AdSense likes to displays ads on your blog.

You should copy ads code from AdSense account and paste it in your blog where you want to display.

You should do it manually otherwise not work.

When 1000 people (visitors) visit to your blog per day when if they just watch ads in your website.

The Views will count for thousand (CPM), and then only you can get some income.

 Create an Affiliate Website or blog

Know more about Affiliate marketing or Program

Earn money from affiliate marketing

Join in any of trusted company which provides affiliate programs, affiliate network. Promote company’s service and products through your website by sharing affiliate text links and displays Banners in your blog. And Publishing Company’s production.

The company gives you some commission (money) when someone bought (purchase) service or product through your text link or banner ads from your blog.

Create an eCommerce Website or Blog

Earn Money From online store or online ecommerce

Create an eCommerce store

Creating eCommerce blog isn’t easy but, not so difficult just understands how they could work properly

In online and how can we get income from online? Create an eCommerce website or blog then describe about products in your blog.

Before making this type of blogs you should be get a partnership in trusted company like Amazon, Click Bank etc.

You should know about how to keep tracking all products and management of selling physical products and payments in online.

Create product images.

Get products links from company.

Describe about product (explain) (write articles on products).

Combine all together and put them in your blog.

Finally publish and share. and you can start online affilate marketing website

Create and Resell your Web Hosting

Creating and Selling a web hosting is alternative way to earn money from online.

Reseller web hosting is providing a dedicated server space in online, which you  have able to  create your own web hosting and you can make it your own brand.

You can  create cPanel-powered web hosting accounts your own.

Set custom source limits like disk space, bandwidth, and remaining things which required.

Handily manage all accounts by using WHM (web hosting management).

Create Reseller web hosting account and get CPanel (Control panel) ,Storage ,server set up and all required setting for web host which you want to sell it someone.

Create help desk for web host.

Write and describe about your web hosting, hosting  plans and specifications.

Finally publish , share  and  sell it.

43 Web Hosting Affiliate Programs To Earn Money

Create an Educational Blog (website)

These are many kinds of blogs with different topics and information. Create an Educational Blog and give offer Your Services.

Create an Educational Blog is not only for study blog but also you can teach about online marketing courses which are useful to people in present days.

Earn Money with Educational Website Blog

Create online Educational Blog

Create Educational blog

Choose your course topics as your interest and consider people what they want to learn and know from you.

Tell about your course how can you help people (visitors) to learn and it’s benefits.

Create amazing images, videos with information articles.

Publish & share and give offers on your service.

It is just looks like Teach + Book + Student (visitor, people, and customer) = Benefit (Result)

Apply high CPM company  (pay per 1000 views) & put banners, links in your blog.

Set other course with your referral offers (blog owner & visitor both parties are will get benefits).

Note:  You should mention & create important pages for your blog (website).

About us and Conatact Us pages

Legal pages:

– Privacy & Policy or privacy


-Terms & Conditions

-Cookie policy

To better understand just have a look other professional website’s privacy pages.

Each every individual websites (blogs) have their own privacy.

Online stores like amazon’s policy, Flipkart have different.

Affiliate Website Company’s policy is different.

Tech blogs, educational blogs and more they don’t have same privacy policy.

You can create these pages without writing your own text. There are some online legal page generators websites available.

With help of online generators you can create easy these types of pages but you need to change & edit some matter which if you have already created with online generators those which were given below

-GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

-Google AdSense policy and

-Affiliate policy

Search on Google with these keywords:

create privacy page text , cookie policy and disclaimer from free online privacy generators

Free online terms and Conditions generators and much more.

you can generate legal pages free from online Tools.

Note: sometimes all these pages matter mentioned in a single privacy page.

Put your website (blog URL Address) in online privacy generator


Give website (blog) Name / Company Name

Example Name: Tech Blog


(Example: India, US .etc.)


(Example: Andhra Pradesh(AP) , Telangana (TS) , Washington, D.C ,)

Give your email address :

you should make a page and give it title.

Remaining all legal pages is same method to create. Don’t cheat people for making money.Don’t  do cheating business. All is trusted and clear.


Best Real ways to Earn Money With Blog or Website From Online

Here we can see just basic information about how to make money with blog or website. these are some trusted ways to earn money with blogs.

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