How To Enable or Disable Unknown Sources In Moto G5 Plus

Enable or Disable Unknown Sources in Moto G5 plus Version 8.1.0 or any version.

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Every Android mobile has its unknown sources option, but depending on latest or updated android mobile’s version this unknown sources option is either linked with File Manger or Linked with Web browser. And by default some android mobiles have this option in Mobile settings under security tab option.

Unknown sources option allows you to install apps or games from third party websites or private website (other than Google play store).

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How To Enable or Disable Unknown Sources In Moto G5 Plus

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As for security issues of mobile phones, when you try to install an app or a game from other private websites the warning message will pop up on mobile’s screen, at this time we need to give permission to install that app or game by enable Unknown source.

Sometimes particular apps are for you not available in Google play store, then if you want to download and install that app in your mobile phone. This time you have to enable unknown source from your mobile phone’s setting under security option or File Manager Settings or under Browser setting option.

Here you can observe unknown source option in Moto G5 plus  which is recently updated version of 8.1.0

There are main two ways to acivate unknown sources in mobile phone

File Manager Option and Browser Option, you can find it.

If you want to download apps and games from private websites, then you have to give permission to install in your mobile that’s why you need to enable unknown source.

Option 1: Web browser in your mobile phone like Google chrome

just gently press and hold down on the browser then small menu option will pop up that’s like in the image given.

Moto G5 Plus Unknown source options

below.just tap on the icon symbol Moto G5-Plus Unknown source activateto acces  browser’s App option.

From web browser

Now, you have to choose mobile’s web browser setting to enable Unknown source

Moto G5 Plus Unknown appsMoto G5 Plus settings

Option 2 : File Manager

Unknown source in Moto G5-Plus

If you want to install games or apps in your mobile those which have already downloaded from private website and stored in File manager. You need to allow permission from file manager or storage manager.

unknown source enable Moto G5 Plus

Now, you can enable Unknown source by accessing File Manager setting. By the way you can enable and disable this Unknown source at any time. But, security reasons you need to keep disable this option after done of any installation of apps or games.

Whenever you slightly press and gently hold down on File manager App (OR) Web browser App, the menu of option will pop up on your mobile phone’s Screen. Now open it by tapping on it and keep scroll down then you can find “Install Unknown Apps” open it, and then you can see “Allow From This source” this is what you want to enable or disable option of Unknown source for Moto G Plus 5 Updated Version 8.1.0


You can install any kind of apps  or games from other private website which may not avaiable in google play store for either free or not and


Unknown and unwanted apps or harmful apps may install automatically this is phenomenon only but, not sure. For safety purpose you have to disable this option after install of your desirable app or game from private websites.


Unknown sources just allow you to install apps or games from other websites, but if you activated it before app or game installation in your android mobile, then after that you have to disable this option whenever installation is is just mobile security purpose you need to disable after done of installation.

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