Fastest WordPress Themes For Website or Blogs 2021

Best Fastest WordPress Themes

9 Best WordPress Themes For Page Speed Loading To Any Type of Website or Blog. It is very important to consider website speed loading on online otherwise may be lost visitors and slower website may be Penalized By Google.

WordPress Theme:

WordPress is an online Application Tool and open source which helps to create Websites or blogs without any knowledge on the coding or programming. It is very easy to handle and user friendly too. It supports more than thousands of Themes and plugins to enhance wordpress functionality, extra utility and customization. Every theme has its own functionality, graphical user interface and layout design.

If you compare with Mobile themes or Pc.

If you install a 3D theme on your mobile that is similar to the images on Android, then you can see that it has amazing functionality and the apps can revolve around 3D effects when you touch it with your fingers.

Here you can find some of the best WordPress themes for Page Speed ​​Loading and Mobile Responsive WordPress Themes. They are free and include premium plans. Premium plans can be annual or lifetime plans.

1. Astra

By Brainstorm Force

Astra theme
Astra theme page speed

*It is faster theme for any kind of website, blog, portfolio, business websites, online stores and SEO friendly and multipurpose use.

WinRAR Size: 5.11 MB

Original File Size: 7.45 MB

Page Speed ​​Test on Page Speed ​​Insights with content on the website including 13 pages, images as well as 10 posts (Recent results after updates of Astra theme )

avg at 2s full loading time

Mobile: 88 %

Desktop: 92 %

About the Theme: Free and Premium

*It is a lightweight and faster page load WordPress theme.

*Integrated with code.

*Free theme has enough of features to use normal blogs or websites.

*Premium theme has more advanced features, more customizable settings.

2. AzonBooster 

By azonbooster

Azon Booster Theme

WinRAR Size: 1.06 MB

Original File Size: 2.15 MB

About the Theme: Free

*Azon Booster theme is a fast and lightweight wordpress theme.

*Mobile responsive built with speed and SEO friendly.

*Best supports to Amazon Affiliate and included more features.

*It supports to create any website or blog.

3. GeneratePress

By edge22

GeneratePress WordPress Theme
GeneratePress Speed theme

WinRAR Size: 934 KB

Original File Size: 2.19 MB

PageSpeed Insights 

avg at 1.8s full loading time

Mobile: 99 %

Desktop: 95 %

About the Theme: Free and Premium

*GeneratePress theme is a fast webpage loading theme and lightweight.

*Mobile responsive, page speed and SEO friendly.

*It is fully micro data integrated.

*It is multipurpose wordpress theme and cool features with free theme but more advanced features included in premium plans of this theme.

4. OceanWP

By oceanwp

OceanWP Theme speed
OceanWP Theme speed

WinRAR Size: 3.99 MB

Original File Size: 13.3 MB

PageSpeed Insights 

avg at 3s full loading time

Mobile: 86 %

Desktop: 82 %

About the Theme: Free and Premium

*OceanWP wordpress theme is a fast, lightweight and highly customizable.

*It is a multipurpose wordpress theme to create any type of websites or blogs something like business websites, portfolio blogs, online stores and much more.

*Responsive theme, RTL & translation ready and SEO friendly.

5. Page Speed

By gandham

Image is Missing

WinRAR Size: 1.83 MB

Original File Size: 2.90 MB

About the Theme: Free and Premium

PageSpeed theme is an extremely superfast wordpress theme.

*Mobile responsive and best SEO friendly.

*It is a beautiful & clean design theme.

*Users can create any type of website or blogs.

*Included more features.

6. The SKIN

By mh-themes

The-SKIN theme

WinRAR Size: 1.75 MB

Original File Size: 2.60 MB

About the Theme: Free

*Skin wordpress theme is a faster theme.

*It is a Multi-purpose wordpress theme and Lightweight & Flexible.

7. The Authority

By yingling017

The Authority theme
mobile responsive theme

WinRAR Size: 1.42 MB

Original File Size: 2.35 MB

About the Theme: Free and Premium

*The Authority theme is a lightning fast and responsive WordPress theme.

*Create wordpress responsive and cool customizable settings.

*It supports to create any type of blogs or websites.

8. The Schema

By raratheme

The Schema theme

WinRAR Size: 1.80 MB

Original File Size: 4.43 MB

About the Theme: Free and Premium

*The Schema theme is a clean and fast wordpress theme.

*It is a pixel-perfect free WordPress theme.

*SEO Friendly and integrated theme.

*Mobile friendly and translation ready and supports RTL scripts.

*Much more features are in this wordpress theme.

9. Viral Blog

By themestop

Viral Blog wordpress theme

WinRAR Size: 2.03 MB

Original File Size: 3.53 MB

About the Theme: Free

*Viral theme is a clean and simple wordpress theme for blogs.

*It is a faster page loading theme and SEO friendly features.

10. Hello Theme

Hello Elementor By Elementor

Plain-Vanilla & Lightweight Theme for Elementary Page Builder. Build Landing Pages, Hello theme makes your landing pages loading faster and Helps to improve conversions.

Free and Open Source

Fast & Lightweight

RTL Supported

WooCommerce Site Builder

Developer Friendly Code

Responsive Design

WinRAR Size: 383 KB

Original File Size: 443 KB

PageSpeed Insights Test (avg at 1.42s)

Mobile: 98 %

Desktop: 96%

11. Neve Theme

Neve By Themeisle

Plain-Vanilla & Lightweight Theme for Elementary Page Builder. Build Landing Pages, Hello theme makes your landing pages loading faster and Helps to improve conversions.

Free and Premium options

Mobile friendly Responsive with AMP Compatibility

SEO optimized

Multipurpose sites

AMP optimized

RTL & Translation and included many adequate options

WinRAR Size: 3.47 MB

Original File Size: 6.73 MB

PageSpeed Insights Test (avg at 1.6s)

Mobile: 99 %

Desktop: 97%

12. Zakra Theme

Zakra By ThemeGrill

Zakra is a lightweight and multipurpose theme that is ideal for any kind of blog design.

Free and Premium options

Mobile friendly Responsive

Fast, Lightweight, Multipurpose theme

free starter sites

WinRAR Size: 1.09 MB

Original File Size: 2.87 MB

PageSpeed Insights Test (avg at 2s)

Mobile: 98 %

Desktop: 92%

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List of best WordPress themes for page speed Loading mobile responsive themes. There are number of WordPress themes are available online for page speed loading, SEO and design professional website or blog , here is some WordPress themes personally tested by me and inform you through this post. It is an informative post only. Here you can see some of them Best WordPress Themes to make Page Speed Loading.

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