How To Fix This Copy of Windows is Not Genuine 2019

solve issues windows is not genuine

Top 5 Methods To Fix  Or Remove Issue Of This Copy of Windows is not genuine.

You can Try it to How To Fix This Copy of Windows is Not Genuine which  may useful to Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and may be Windows 10 too.

Hello! I also faced this issues many times, no counts.

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When I made my  windows Pc for the first update  over internet, after the windows 7 update which has windows 7 build  7601  (Build Number 7610, 7600 worked for same method)update, my computer screen  immediately turned into  black in color and program icons which were on desktop still visible.

At the same time an error text message displayed on the right side at bottom corner as “ This Copy of Windows is not genuine”.

A bit of long story it is to say, but finally i could solve this issue by following one of the methods.

I hope you can get rid of this error form your Pc too and by following one of the methods must fix this problem.

Windows is Not Genuine

Causes for come up this issue:

If in case when you connect your Pc to internet (Online), your pc’s some of update options “Install updates automatically (Recommended)” Mode may be selected by default.

That’s the one issue.

Generally each every Windows updates makes through the Microsoft website’s servers.

Your operating system may not be suitable to update through online, because your Windows OS is not a genuine / frank/not real for update over the Microsoft.

Here are some basic methods to fix these issues. You should try all of them given methods below one by one.

One of them is must fix this problem (Error)

How To Fix This Copy of Windows is Not Genuine: The following methods

Method 1:

Change Windows Update Settings (Disable Auto Updates)

Go to Control panel —> System and Security —> Windows update —>change settings

Make it Select never check for updates (note recommended) option, From Important update drop down Options. And then

Uninstall Update (s)

Uninstall updated windows number which may be something like following KB971033 and when it has  done just simply ”Restart Your Pc” now check it whether it is solved issue or not

If error is till came up then go to next method


In any method when you follow, you need to disable “windows automatically update” option and every time you have to “restart your pc” when you made any changes, otherwise it doesn’t work.

Warning: Sometimes when uninstalling Windows update tends to be a little risky. It may result in failure of some program files and unexpected data loss on your computer. To keep data safe, it is recommended to backup your computer before uninstalling the update.

One of them following software applications need to install in your Pc before uninstall updates

First Back up all

1. MiniToolShadowMaker

2. EaseUS free backup software

The following software applications which are any one of them helping you to back up all your Pc files.

Method 2:

Rename it the  following File SLMGR

Open your (C:) drive then go to “windows” folder now find “System 32” folder and open it

For now open search option tool by keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+F) use these combination at one on keyboard, it will active, now here you need to type following text without quotes

“slmgr.vbs” (OR) “slmgr.vbs.removewat” (OR) “removewat”

Whenever the file appears on screen, then just select and right click on the file and rename it as slmgr.vbs

From (before) slmgr.vbs.removewat to slmgr.vbs (After)

Finally Restart your Pc.

Error is still, if so

Method 3:

Value changing in Rearm file (Register editor)

Open register editor by using keyboard shortcuts

Two ways to open it by searching in your Pc, you can try any one of them to open the register editor.

-Go to start button of your pc then you can find search option (search programs and files)

Just type this shortcut text without any quotes “regedit” now it will appear on search results

Then simply click on it and open it.


-By using keyboard shortcuts to open following “Run” Command Search option

Win + R use the combination to open “Run” Command Search option

Now here is same way, type “regedit” hit enter key on your keyboard the register editor will open.

Sometime it may ask you permission to open then accept ok, (click on ok) become it is windows registry editor.

After open the “register editor”

You need to follow this path way and open each every path of folder following bellow.

HKEY_LOACAL_MACHINE —> SOFTWARE —> Microsoft —>Windows NT —>CurrentVersion —>SoftwareProtectionPlatform

Now you can see “SkipRearm” file on the right side of current window

Then double-click on “SkipRearm”, it will open value option menu , now change it 0 to 1

Click OK and close all windows which made you open.

SkipRearm file d-click and then change value 0 to 1

Click ok and close it .now restart your pc

Method 4:

Result Set of Policy  Settings

Open ResultSet of Policy  Settings by rsop.msc

Now go to windows settings —> Security settings —> system services (now here find plug and play right side of same window).

Double-click on “Plug and Play” then select service startup mode “automatic”

Now open “Run” Window by using keyboard combination shortcut keys Win+ R then type following text “gpupdate /force” in run window and press enter key on keyboard.

Finally restart your Pc.

Method 5:

Command prompt (CMD)

Open CMD window by searching in search option (Search programs and files)

Type “cmd” in search box, when it will appear on search results then right click on it choose “run as administrator”

Now type slmgr –rearm now hit enter key on keyboard

Just wait and close all windows then restart your Pc

Note: You have to restart your Pc when every time you made a change

Finally we need to Set  Desktop Background manually.

That’s it.

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These methods were worked for me, I hope these will work for you too. This is an informative post only, do not break anything your pc without knowing and be sure to about these methods. I’m not responsibility for any issue of you.

Thank You,

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