54 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs To Earn Money 2021

54 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs To Earn Money 2021

Affiliate programs made by business people to earn income from online source, where there is a network of various affiliate programs available. Gaming companies offer affiliate partner programs through their online websites.

There are a number of related affiliate programs here those are games affiliate programs, but not all programs are recommended, they may change their service control systems from time to time, some of which are never real (not genuine forever).

Some of them are genuine and good gaming affiliate programs that you have to know very well before enter into program that you want. here is listed below just verify which one of them are good, best and not? Decide.

Let’s see How many types of Gaming Affiliate Programs?

54 Gaming Affiliate Sites are offering Affiliate Programs To Earn Money.

Caution: Awareness and Information Purpose Only.

And good ways to Earn Money With Blog Or Website 2021.

Know more about What is An Affiliate Marketing or Program

1) Astro Games

Astro Games affiliate program

Astro Games affiliate program

Website Name: Astro Games

Official Websiteastrogames.com

Service Type: Wireless headphones, earbuds, gaming backpacks and apparel and more

Astro Gaming Affiliate at AvantLink and viglink

Affiliate ToolsBanners and Text links

Cookies Duration180 days

Commission5% for each sale

Payout Period details: N/A 

Minimum Payouts details: N/A

Payout Options details: N/A

(May be available at admin panel)

Most preferred option: PayPal

2) Gamefly

Gamefly affiliate program

Gamefly affiliate site

Website NameGamefly

Official Websitegamefly.com

Service Type: video games, Mobile App for iPhone, iPad, Android, Xbox One, Xbox 360,   PS4 and more

As company mentioned

Commission: 5% for each new console games sale

And 10% off on used console games

Get paid $20 Plus for 500+ Partnership signups per month

Note: GameFly that signs up for free trial and pre-paid subscriptions

3) Kinguin Games

Kinguin Games affiliate program

Website Name: Kinguin Games

Official Website: kinguin.net

Service Type: Video Games, Video game console and more

There are 3 levels for get paid in Kinguin Mafia Affiliate Program:

As company mentioned


I Level of Earnings – 5% get paid Commission for each successful sale

II Level – 0.75%

III Level – 0.25%

Skins – Affiliate Program up to 15%

4) MMoga Games

MMoga Games affiliate program

MMoga Games affiliate marketing

Website NameMMoga Games

Official Websitemmoga.com

Service Type: Videos games, Game Keys, Steam Games and much more

Cookies Duration details: N/A

10% on digital goods (keys)

15% on virtual goods (coins)

Payout Options: PayPal, Bank transfer, Skrill, MMOGA credit +5%

5) PlayerAuctions

PlayerAuctions affiliate program

PlayerAuctions gaming affiliate

Website NamePlayerAuctions

Official Websiteplayerauctions.com

Affiliate partnership at   CJ, Daisycon, and  ShareASale.

2% CPA (Commission Per Action) for new and returning visitors

Cookies Duration: 14 days

Affiliate Tools:  PlayerAuctions banner ad

Payout Options: Visa, paypal, payoneer, webmoney


As per company’s mentioned

games affiliate money

6) Mac Games Stores & WinGameStore (sibling Stores)

Here are Two Websites

I) Website Name 1:

Mac Games Stores

macgamestore affiliate program

Mac Games affiliate Stores

Official Websitemacgamestore.com

Service Type

Mac games, million Mac games , software (Mac OS X only)

II)Website Name 2: WinGameStore

wingamestore affiliate program

WinGameStore Affilaite website

Service Type: sibling store offering games to the Windows (and Linux) market

Official Website: wingamestore.com

7) Oneplay (Server has been error so for)

Oneplay affiliate program

Website NameOneplay

Official Websiteoneplay.com

Service Type: PC & Android games for a low monthly fee, PS3, Mac, digital subscription service and more.

Affiliate typeCommission Junction (CJ)

Some information not available but nay be in admin panel

8) 2Game

2game affiliate program

2game affiliate online site

Website Name2game

Official Website2game.com

Service Type: Multiplayer, Sports, Girls, Puzzle, RPG, Action and Flash games and more

Commission: 7%

9) 4gamergear

4gamergear affiliate program

4gamergear affiliate store

Website Name:  4gamergear

Official Website4gamergear.com

Service Type: Gaming Chairs, Peripherals, Gaming Keyboards, Mice, Headphones

Affiliate ToolsBanners and textual links

Commission5% for each sale

10) 365 Games

365 Games affiliate program

365 Games affiliate program

Website Name: 365 Games

Official Website365games.co.uk

Service Type: Video games related products, Gadgets, Film and Movie Blu-ray, DVD

Affiliate at Awin (Affiliate Window)

Affiliate Tools: Text Links and Banners

Cookies Duration30 days

Commission: Up to 3%

Payout Options: PayPal and more

11) Best Buy

Best Buy affiliate program

Best Buy affiliate

Website NameBest Buy

Official Websitebestbuy.com

Service Type: Video games, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and much more

Affiliate ToolsBanners and text links

Payout Period60 days after qualified sale

For example if a successful sale made in January, then it will be paid in late March

12) Cdkeys

Cdkeys affiliate program


Website NameCdkeys

Official Websitecdkeys.com

Service Type: CD KEYS, Steam Keys, Xbox, PC  Games, PSN Games,and much more.

Affiliate ToolsBannersWidgets

Commission: 5% on every sale

Payout Period: On Request (Weekly – Monthly)

Minimum Payouts: £10 threshold ($13.07)

Payout Options: Paypal

13) Chairs4gaming

Chairs4gaming affiliate program

Website NameChairs4gaming

Official Websitechairs4gaming.com

Service Type: gaming chairs and computer chairs, 300 models , DXRacer, Corsair and AKRacing

Commission: 10%

And $100 Bonus more information may be at admin panel

14) Daily Game Sale

Daily Game Sale affiliate Referral program

Website NameDaily Game Sale

Official Websitedailygamesale.com

Service Type: Stream games, origin games, uPlay games, cheapest windows key, Xbox

Affiliate Tools: Referral links

Commission: Up to $20

Payout Period: On the 5th of each month

Payout OptionsPaypal

15) Dx Racer

Dx Racer affiliate program

Only accepting affiliates within the United States and Canada

Website NameDx Racer

Official Websitedxracer.com

Service Type: gaming chairs, PC chairs, gaming desks, Racing Series, Gaming Chairs

Commission: Up to 10% for valid sale

Payout Period: Within 30 days

16) Esports Gaming Bets

Esports Gaming Bets affiliate program

Website Name: Esports Gaming Bets

Official Websiteegb.com

Service Type: Esports Gaming Bets (EGB) esports betting websites

Video gaming competitions between players or teams and much more

Affiliate partnership at gbaffiliates

There are 3 stages for affiliates

*30%MGR for below $5000 of revenue

*45%MGR for $5000 to $10000 of revenue

*60%MGR for $10000 of revenue.

17) G2a Goldmine

G2a Goldmine affiliate program

Website NameG2a Goldmine

Official Websiteg2a.com

Service Type: CD Keys, Xbox Live, PSN top-ups, Steam keys, PC games ,PlayStation Network and much more

Commission: 40% to 60% qualified sale

Affiliate ToolsText links

Cookies technology

More details may be in admin dashboard

18) Game Servers

Game Servers affiliate program

Website NameGame Servers

Official Website: gameservers.com

Affiliate type: Referral system

Service Type: Multiplayer video games, game servers, Dual Quad core servers and more

Affiliate ToolsBanners and text links

Commission: $1  for every $1 referred

Max $25 per transaction

Payout PeriodMonthly payouts

Payout Options: Credit, mailed check or PayPal

19) Gameflip

Gameflip affiliate program

Website NameGameflip

Official Websitegameflip.com

Service Type: video games, gift cards, movies, game keys for Steam, Blu-rays, DVDs, 4K UHD and more.

Payout Options: Bank account or PayPal at any time

20) GamerSaloon 

GamerSaloon affiliate program

Website NameGamerSaloon

Official Websitegamersaloon.com

Service Type: video games for money, Fortnite, Madden, FIFA, NBA2K & Online competitions on XBox, PS4, Mobile & PC and more.

Payout Options: PayPal or Braintree

Affiliate for video gaming related websites

21) Gamersgate 

Gamersgate affiliate program

Website NameGamersgate

Official Websitegamersgate.com

Service Type: PC and Mac games and much more

Affiliate partnership at (Commission junction) CJ Affiliate.

22) Games Rocket

Games Rocket affiliate program

Website NameGames Rocket

Official Websitegamesrocket.com

Service Type: game CD keys, game cards, Steams, Uplay, game cards for Steam,Xbox, PSN (PlayStation Network) and much more

Cookies Duration30 days

And Post View cookie duration: 7 days

Commission: 5% on every sale

Commission for categories as per of gross turnover for sales

As company mentioned that

5% for PC and Mac Games

3% for Console Games

2% for Gamecards

5% for Software

Payout Period: on 20th of the month

Payout Options: Bank account, PayPal

23) Gamesdeal

Gamesdeal affiliate program

Website NameGamesdeal

Official Websitegamesdeal.com

Service Type: Game cards,game CD Keys for Steam, Uplay, Origin,  PSN, Xbox and more.

Commission: 5% for each sale

Payout Period: on the 5th of every month (once a month)

Minimum Payouts$20

Payout Options: PayPal

Payments are issues in US dollars or EU euro

24) GameStop

GameStop affiliate program

Website NameGameStop

Official Websitegamestop.com

Service Type: Video game, consumer electronics, Xbox One X, PlayStation 4, consoles, accessories and more.

Cookies Duration: 958 days

Commission: 5%

25) GearBest

GearBest affiliate program

Website Name: GearBest

Official Website: gearbest.com

Service Type: Gaming Headphones, PC Gaming Controllers, Clothing, Bags, Shoes, Jewelry, Electronic gadgets and much more

Cookies Duration: 30 days

Commission: up to 50%

26) Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming affiliate program

Website NameGreen Man Gaming

Official Websitegreenmangaming.com

Affiliate at Commission Junction(CJ)

Service Type: Video games, game keys, PC Games and more

Cookies Duration: 2% on the sale of a title

5% on the sale of a title (new user)

Payout Period (time): every 3 months

27) Gt Omega Racing

Gt Omega Racing affiliate program

Website NameGt Omega Racing

Official Websitegtomegaracing.com

Service Type: Gaming chair, Racing Simulator, Racing Cockpits and Gaming Office Chairs and more.

Affiliate Tools: Banners and Text links, Embedded links

Commission: Earn 5%  (GT Omega Racing products)

Payout Period: on the end of every month

Qualified sale process may take up to 30 days

Payout Options: PayPal, PayPal,Bank Transfer, Cheque

28) Kontrol Freek

KontrolFreek affiliate program

Website Name: KontrolFreek

Official Websitekontrolfreek.com

Service Type: gaming gear and controller accessories and more

There are three categories at affiliate program:  Partner, Brand and Agency

Commission10% with unique 10% discount code

29) Logitech

Logitech affiliate program

Website NameLogitech

Official Websitelogitech.com

Affiliate provided by viglink

Cookies Duration180 days

Commission: Up to 15% on all sales of gaming accessories

1-10% for every sale refers to Logitech G

30) Loot Crate

Loot Crate affiliate program

Website NameLoot Crate

Official Websitelootcrate.com

Service Type: It is a subscription box service which provides monthly boxes of geek- and gaming-related merchandise

As company’s mentioned

affiliate moneyTable

31) Maingear Pc

Maingear Pc affiliate program

Website NameMaingear Pc

Official Websitemaingear.com

Service Type: Custom desktops, gaming computers, custom laptops, workstations ,Gaming Desktops, Gaming Laptops, Workstations and more

32) Microsoft Affiliate

Microsoft affiliate program

Website NameMicrosoft Affiliate

Official Websitemicrosoftaffiliates.com

(Microsoft Private Affiliate Network is provided by Impact)

Service Type: Office, Surface, Xbox, PCs, software, apps, games, TV shows, videos and much more

Commission: up to 10% commission on every sale


More Details at FAQ section and user admin dashboard

33) Newegg

Newegg affiliate program

Website NameNewegg

Official Websitenewegg.com

Service Type: Computer Systems, Components, Electronics, Gaming,   Networking, Software,

Health & Sports, Toys, Mobile Phones and more.

Affiliate ToolsText links and banner

Commission: 2.5% for any sales.

Rejection of application or expire affiliates for any reason

34) NVidia

NVidia affiliate program

Website NameNVidia

Official Website: nvidia.com

Service Type: Graphics processing units, or GPUs, gaming sales ,NVIDIA Drivers, laptops, workstations, mobile devices, notebooks, PCs, and more

Commission and remaining details: N/A

more information may be in admin panel

35) Online Key Store

Online Key Store affiliate program

Website NameOnline Key Store

Official Website: onlinekeystore.com

Service Type: pc games and more

Affiliate ToolsText Links and Banners

Commission: 10% + and  0.5 cents per sale

Payout Options: PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, G2A Pay or Webmoney

36) Origin Pc

Origin Pc affiliate program

Website Name: Origin Pc (Accepting U.S. affiliates only)

Official Websiteoriginpc.com

Service Type: eSports Pro Gaming, Gaming desktops and laptops computers and more

Affiliate Tools: Text links (URL link)

Payout Period: 30 days after a product has sold

37) Oz Game Shop

Oz Game Shop affiliate program

Website Name: Oz Game Shop (Based in the UK)

Official Websiteozgameshop.com

Service Type: video games & accessories for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PS3, Xbox 360, Blu-rays and DVDs and more

Affiliate partner at Commission Factory

Cookies Duration: 30 days

Commission: Up to 5%

Payout Options: PayPal

38) Rakuten

Rakuten affiliate program

Website Name: Rakuten

Official Website: rakuten.com

Service Type: computers, laptops, books, DVDs, videos, games, video games, music, gaming chairs and much more

PartnerShip: Sellers, Affiliates and Advertisers

39) Razer

Razer affiliate program

Website Name: Razer

Official Websiterazer.com

Service Type: Gaming hardware, software, Pro gaming laptops, gaming products, Gaming Systems,Gaming Controllers and more

Commission: up to 20% on the sale of Razer products and

4% for Peripherals

$10 for Systems per System sold

Payout Period: paid on the 10th to 20th of the month

40) SteelSeries

SteelSeries affiliate program

Website NameSteelSeries

Official Website:  steelseries.com

Service Type: Gaming peripherals, accessories, headsets, keyboards, mice, PlayStation and more

Affiliate partnership at Impact Radius

Commission: up to 8% on the sale of all SteelSeries products

Who can join?

Motivated Streamers, YouTube personalities, and game community managers and  gaming bloggers

41) Xenom Games

Xenom Games affiliate program

Website NameXenom Games

Official Website:  xenomgames.com

Affiliate Tools: PC games, Microsoft software and more

Present some information not available, but may be in admin panel

42) Zavvi

Zavvi affiliate program

Website NameZavvi

Official Websitezavvi.co

Service Type: Blu-ray, 4K Movies, Games, games & Console and Clothing and much more

Affiliate at AWIN, advertise and referral systems

Affiliate Tools: Flash banners, banners , deep linking

Cookies Duration30 days

Payout Periodonce a month

Commission: Up to 15%

6% get paid for Bodycare, Books, Clothing, Gifts, Homeware, Sports, Toys, Print sales

2.5% get paid for Entertainment inc. CD, Games, DVD / Blu-ray and ZBOX sale

1% for Consoles, Technology

And for get paid for ZBOX 1 month, 3, 6 and 12 months subscriptions

43) Sennheiser

Website Name: Sennheiser

Official Website: shop.sennheiserindia.com

Affiliate Page:


Service Type: Gaming headset, Wireless Headphones

Commission: up to 6% per sale


Website Name: OPSEAT

Official Website: opseat.com

Service Type: PC Gaming Chairs

Commission: $15 per sale

After 10 sales, you will get custom coupon code

45) Ewin Racing

Website Name: Ewin Racing

Official Website: www.ewinracing.com

Service Type: PC Gaming Chairs

Commission: 10% commission per sale rate

46) Secret Lab

Website Name: Secret Lab

Official Website: secretlab.co

Service Type: Gaming Chairs and more

Cookies Duration: 3060 day

Commission: $10 per sale

47) Vertagear

Website Name: Vertagear

Official Website: www.vertagear.com

Affiliate Page: www.vertagear.com/pages/affiliate

Service Type: Gaming Chairs and more

48) Design By Humans

Website Name: Design By Humans

Official Website: www.designbyhumans.com

Service Type:

Graphic T-shirts Clothing brand, gaming, gadgets, gaming, computers, and robots

Cookies Duration: 30 Days

Commission: 3-10% commission per sale

49) Teepublic

Website Name: Teepublic

Official Website: www.teepublic.com

Service Type: Art, T-Shirts and Other Appare

Commission: 11 to 31% commission per sale

50) Fanatical

Website Name: Fanatical

Official Website: www.fanatical.com

Service Type: PC, Mac, and Linux games

Commission: 5% commission per sale

Payout Options: PayPal

51) WTFast

Website Name: WTFast

Official Website: www.wtfast.com

Service Type: Get rid of pesky online gaming problems and bid farewell to Fortnite lag, PUBG lag, Dota 2 lag, CSGO lag

52) Rivalry

Website Name: Rivalry

Official Website: www.rivalry.com

Service Type: Esports betting site

Payout Period: 30 days, monthly

Commission: up to 30% commission

Payout Options: Skrill

53) VGolds

Website Name: VGolds

Official Website: www.vgolds.com

Service Type: FIFA18 Coins, game gold and games, competitive tradeing platform for virtual service on MMORPG.

Commission: 10% and 15% two different commissions

54) IGXE

Website Name: IGXE

Official Website: www.igxe.com

Service Type: Game exchange plat of ffxi gil, ffxiv gil, swtor credits, fifa coins, wow items, Fortnite items,

Payout Period: Monthly

Commission: 15%

Minimum Payout: $50


List of Top best 54 Games Affiliate Programs. Before joining in any affiliate partner program you should ready genuine reviews about that company or website from other review blogs. There are number of review blogs available in online check them out. Some are good programs to make income from online, iam unsure that how you can find and use specific affiliate program as your income source,let me know by a good comment below.

Thank you.

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