Google Play has Removed 29 Malicious Apps |10 Million Downloads

Google Play has removed 29 malicious apps with more than 10 million collective downloads From Google Play Store.

Caution: Awareness and Information Purpose Only.

Google Play has removed 29 malicious apps

Google Play Has Removed 29 Malicious Apps

Twenty-nine malicious apps have been found in the Google Play Store with a mass download count of more than 10 million, according to a new report by Quick Heal Security Labs.

Google rapidly removed the apps.

Apps Type: Multiple app

(Multiple accounts access at once and download easy)

Total Applications (Apps): 29

 HideAd Category Apps: 24 Apps

AdwareCategory Apps: 5 apps

Behavior of applications (Apps):

– Users cannot uninstall

-Most of the ads appear every time you visit social media through internet

-Promotes a variety of mobile apps, advertising offers huge ads on the user’s mobile phone

-These Apps can access our mobile phone’s that open the camera and check our mobile without knowing    everything and displaying full screen ads.

-Drain the phone battery, heavy data usage and productivity loss such apps are very dangerous and

Harmful, So  Google Play has removed those apps and protect us from evil hidden apps.

One of the malicious apps in this set called “Multi-App, Multiple Accounts Simultaneously” has crossed over 5 million installs.

And 24 apps out of 29 are in the ‘Hide-Ad’ category, creating the shortcut by hiding the icon on the phone’s home screen after the first launch.

According to Quick Heal Security Labs, users cannot uninstall it by dragging the icon; these apps are designed to let users uninstall it.

The remaining 5 apps belong to the “adware” category and usually come to your Android phones via ads.

Every time users visit social media sites like YouTube and Facebook, they see many mobile ads that promote different mobile applications.

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Most of the time, these promoted mobile apps boast of incredible functionality such as X-ray scanning.

We have seen some announcements of some interesting Android apps that claim to offer functionality of X-ray scanning.

As experts explore the app further, they find that two such apps have already exceeded more than 1 million plus downloads that the company said in a report.

‘Adware’ apps pretend to provide view-enhancing functionality, but in reality they show huge ads on the   user’s mobile, draining the phone’s battery and causing massive data usage and productivity loss.

Immediately after launch, these apps open the camera and show you various options such as flashlight, gallery and so on.

But when a user chooses an option, these apps enable full-screen ads, with no option to close or skip the company said.


Please don’t install unwanted apps or unknown app either from private websites or even some rare times from Google play store.

If you want to do so, you have to read app description before install in your mobile phone and don’t click on unknown links which are mostly from any social media.

And by chance it make your privacy mislead or steal your data.Then nobody can take responsibility for that situation immediately.

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