Google Doodle Celebrates The 166th Birthday of Hans Christian Gram


Who is Hans Christian Gram? Learn about a bacteriologist who invented the famous stain technique.

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Who is Hans Christian Gram?


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Born: 13 September 1853

Place: Copenhagen, Denmark

Died: 14 November 1938

Nationality: Danish

Education: Bacteriology from Copenhagen University

Today, Google Doodle celebrates the 166th birthday of Hans Christian Gram.

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Bacteriology Hans

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After treating the smear of bacteria with crystal violet stain, followed by iodine solution and organic solvent, Hans discovered differences in the structure and biochemical performance of Christian gram samples.

Hans Christian Gram is a 19th-20th century Danish bacteriologist who is known for the development of gram stain.

Born in Copenhagen on September 13, 1853, Hans Christian invented a stain method that is used to identify and classify a variety of bacteria.This technique is still used a century later.

Gram studied at the University of Copenhagen and is an assistant in botany.

His study of plants introduced him to the basics of pharmacology and the use of microscopes.

Gram entered medical school in 1878 and graduated in 1883.

He toured throughout Europe between 1878 and 1885.

In Berlin, in 1884, he developed a method for distinguishing between two main classes of bacteria.

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This technology, Gram Stein, continues to be standard practice in medical microbiology.

While treating the smear of bacteria with crystal violet stain, he discovered differences in the structure and biochemical performance of the samples, following iodine solution and organic solvent.

Gram’s results were published in a paper in 1884, from which the terms gram-positive and gram-negative were used.

Gram was a modest man, and in his early publication he commented, “I have published this method, although I know it is very defective and imperfect; we hope it will be in the hands of other researchers as well.”

Gram’s early work involved the study of red blood cells in men.

He was the first to recognize that Macrocyte were the hallmark of harmful anemia.

Gram was appointed Professor of Medicine at the University of Copenhagen in 1900.

As a professor, he has published four volumes of clinical lectures, which ae widely used in Denmark.

He retired from the University of Copenhagen in 1923 and died in 1938.

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Hans Christian Gram

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