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How To Create Invisible Folders In Any Windows PC

Create Invisible Folders in windows PC and Hide Secretly in computer (any windows PC).

How To Create Invisible Folders In Any Windows PC

The folder is a small piece of part of storage space which is connected with Hard Disk storage of computer (PC).

Folder is just like a bag, you can put images, photos, pictures, videos, Music, songs, software applications and many more in a folder.

How To Create Invisible Folders In Any Windows PC

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If you want to Hide or Invisible a folder on computer’s desktop and hide folders secretly in your PC then just follow this step by step.

1.Create a new folder on Desktop

Right click on desktop and choose “New” then click on Folder to create New folder

2.Remove text “New folder

You can remove text of new folder the Name of folder as “New folder” either by Pressing Delete Key on keyboard or by choosing rename option and select all text in the folder then delete that text.

3.After that immediately keep in press & hold down Alt Key On the keyboard then, type either 0160 numbers or 255 and now hit enter key.

That’s it, you have just removed folder name as “New folder” text from folder.

4.Now, right click on the Folder and go down the menu then choose Properties (click on it).

5.Go to “Customize” Tab from folder Properties Menu

6.Click on “Change Icon” Tab

You can see many image icons in this menu window.

Just move forward the horizontal scroll bar.

There, you can find empty space which is empty folder with no any color or image but, it was looks like white.

Now select that empty space and click “OK” then click on “Apply” one more time click on “OK

Here it is you can see that the folder you created is hidden or invisible on desktop.

It will be vanished from your computer’s screen, but whenever drag the mouse pointer over the invisible folder, it will appear slightly just like a white squared spot on desktop.

This is an older topic, but I like to share with you.

Note: This is an information and educational purpose only.


You can create invisible folders in any windows  PC’s Screen (PC). Create and hide folders secretly in any PC. You can hide either on desktop or other location of in your PC. You can hide files, music, videos in this folder

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