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How To Increase AdSense Ad Revenue 2022

Increase AdSense Ad Revenue Automatically

Increase AdSense Advertising Revenue quit old methods, update and change your destination.

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Change your thoughts and manipulate your ideas with updated things, old methods are still good, but very slower than your earning expectations. This methodology Confidently and Positively helped huge number of publishers and bloggers to get extra ad revenue.

AdSense gave you an opportunity to earn money as a publisher, but ad revenue is low as your expectations and it may take some long time to get expected revenue from any ad network.

Many people could increase their ad Revenue by following this simple friendly method and management system which auto integrated from online to Google AdSense, and other publisher ad networks. The powerful online tool is Ezoic, Ezoic is Massive beneficial for publisher.

Trust this information which has being assisting publishers and truly useful online tool. If you want to increase ad revenue income automatically, then you have to follow this method which may provide you free and premium tool.  Maximize the money you make over the entire visit.

Official Website: Ezoic

Increase AdSense Ad Revenue Automatically

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Ad Tester:

To perform automated ad placement testing and responsive in blogs or websites.

Layout Tester:

To test multiple website layouts such as mobile, desktop and tablet

-Header Bidding, Big Data Analytics

-Amp Converter, Site Speed Tools and more useful features with user-friendly.

Generally, your readers will click through to more than one page, and then you can get more page views and increase ad revenue. So you need to be able to compare the money you make per unique visit.

You will make $1 per page view.

Visitors who see naturally view 3 pages and $1 x 3 pages viewed by a single visitor can make $3 per visit.

Here is another option that you can generate more revenue. Ezoic is such a valuable tool makes you more money.

Ezoic Set Up For Increasing Ad Revenue

You can just get to know, How can i integrate Ezoic on my blog or Website

Simple 5 steps are that you have to follow:

-Create an account in Ezoic & link it to your blog:

Create Free Account

-Add the Ezoic script to your blog’s header.

-Convert all existing ad units to serve via Ezoic, and create new ad units.

-Apply for Google’s Ad Exchange program.

-Start using the Ezoic Ad Tester.

This will be same thing both WordPress and Other Platform.

And you have to add the ad code in your blog’s sidebar.

Here are some official videos that will help you to understand how to do it simple & integrate Ezoic with your WordPress site: watch and get to know.

Video credits will go to their owners

Video 1:



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This is an information purpose that really helps someone on how to Increase AdSense Ad Revenue Automatically and get extra money through this trusted online tool and helps you grow faster than traditional way that you follow. This tool service is including both free and premium.

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