National Voluntary Blood Donation Day On 1st October,Every Year


It is one of the greatest days , National Voluntary Blood Donation Day On 1st October 2020, Public Awareness.

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National Voluntary Blood Donation Day On 1st October

Celebrating National Voluntary Blood Donation Day was observed On October 1, National Voluntary Blood Donation Day is regularly celebrated in India to share the need and importance of blood in a person’s life.

It was first celebrated on October 1, 1975, by the Indian Society of Blood Transfusion and Immunology.

Indian Society of Blood Transfusion and Immunology was recognized on 22nd October, 1971 under the leadership of Mrs.K. Swarup krishen and Dr. J.G.Jolly.

The following are the basic objectives of the opening day to educate the overall public everywhere around the country about the importance of the purpose of a blood donation; one is to effectively fulfill the mission of voluntary blood donation to meet the need of the homeless.

Patients and the last is to store blood in blood donation centers for any urgent and real need. It is repeatedly stated in the relevant forums that the secured blood donor is a volunteer of his own free will and does not expect any benefit monetary.

Voluntary blood donors are the protectors of humanity. The importance of observing the day, such as National Voluntary Blood Donation Day, is to mobilize, encourage and encourage volunteers to donate blood and be healthy.

This is a motivation for those who do not donate but are in good health to start donating blood. Donate to charity or donate only to relatives or friends.

It is also celebrated today to say our thanks and strengthen the self-confidence of the volunteers who donate blood so that they can continue to do so regularly.

This message should be communicated to a large number of people so that voluntary donation becomes a big movement.

Transferring or donating blood or parts of it to the needy has become an integral part of humanity in the modern health care system. It doesn’t matter who the bloodline or receiver is.

Always remember this – today’s donor may be the recipient of tomorrow! Therefore, voluntary blood donation with no hope is a crucial part of the lifesaving process.

To highlight the need to commit and donate blood throughout the year. It is very important to maintain adequate supplies and achieve universal and timely access.

For a safe blood transfusion Key factors in increasing donor commitment and willingness to focus on donor health and donor care quality.

To demonstrate the need for universal access to safe blood transfusions and to advocate for its role in providing effective health care and achieving universal health coverage goals;

To mobilize support at the national, regional, and global levels in governments and development partners to invest, strengthen and sustain national blood programs.

Voluntary unpaid donors are the foundation of a safe and stable blood supply in 100% of the blood supply in 62 countries.

Blood donors are the safest group of donors because blood transfusions are few and far between. Transplantation is often indicated when simple and safe alternative treatments are equally effective.

Unnecessary transplantation exposes patients to HIV and the risk of infections such as hepatitis and adverse transplant reactions.

Shelf life of donated blood is 35 to 42 days; therefore, there is a need to replenish stocks in blood banks.

Healthy donors range in age from 18 to 65 years. The isolation of one unit of blood into its various parts benefits many patients.

All donated blood should always be tested for HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Syphilis before transfusion.

National Voluntary Blood Donation Day 2020: Theme

The theme of Blood Donor Day 2019 is “Universal Access to Blood Transfusion and Safe Blood Transfusion” to achieve universal health coverage.

The slogan “Safe blood for all” is aimed at raising awareness of the universal need for safe blood in health care delivery.

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National Voluntary Blood Donation Day October 1st is a significant day was celebrated for save someone’s life, life is precious than others things in the world.

And motivational programs also need to raise awareness of Blood Donation in public. This is an information purpose only.

Thank You.

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