Compare Redmi Note 7 Pro Vs Oppo F11 Pro, Full specifications 2019

Compare Redmi note7pro,oppo f 11pro Specifications

Redmi Note 7 Pro Vs Oppo F11 Pro, Full specifications Comparison

It is just confused when it comes to compare between two mobile phones with their specification. And even it involves choosing best one of them.

Compare Red Mi Note 7 Pro Vs OPPO F11 Pro

There are four big specifications difference between Red Mi Note7 Pro and Oppo F11 Pro and remaining they have same specifications.

Compare Redmi Note 7 Pro Vs Oppo F11 Pro Specifications

Screen display size

Red Mi Note7 Pro had HD screen display size 6.3 inches While Oppo F11 Pro had 6.5 inches HD display.

Front Camera or Selfie Camera

Red Mi Note7 Pro instigated 13 MP front selfie camera and Oppo F11 Pro comes with 16MP front and selfie capacity camera.


Red Mi Note7 Pro is available three variant colours are Nebula Red, Neptune Blue and Space Block.

Red mi note 7 pro colours

Oppo F11 Pro is available two different colours are Thunder black, Aurora green.

Oppo F11 Pro Colours


It may change time to time and as comprised features in smart phones price may variance.

Red Mi Note7 Pro: Rs 13,999 /- and Rs 19,999/- INR

Oppo F11 Pro specifications Comparisons: Rs 22,999/- and Rs 24,999/- INR


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Here you have found Compare Redmi Note 7 Pro Vs Oppo F11 Pro with their three various specification and features.

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