How To Speed Up Any Slower Windows Computers 2019

Speed up slower windows

Best 10 Methods To Speed Up Any Slower Windows Computers And Improve PC Performance.

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Every computer (PC) is working smoothly and faster when it is being New, but after some time,

Like after some months or some years PC may getting be slower and started slow work performance.

Some causes to PC Getting Slow

-Less RAM and Less Hard Disk Storage

-PC’s components lifetime may have be done

-Unwanted software applications may run in Your PC

-Multiple software Programs may run at same time in PC

-Some bug files have been stored in Hard disk storage while opening or running some application programs in PC.

Then, and if so, You can do speed up slow Computers (Laptops, Desktops, windows 7, 8, 8.1 and windows 10) Settings may varies from Windows PC to windows PC.

You can speed up your computer (PC) by following some old methods given below.

1.Hard Disk clean up.

2.Disk Defragment Now.

3.Deleting unwanted software applications and Programs from PC.

4.Changing visual theme Effects and turn off some settings.

5.Adding virtual Memory from Hard Disk.

6.Use Pen Drive as PC‘s Booster.

7.Cleaning up Bug files, system application’s garbage by using following given below short codes in Search option or run option.

7.1) %temp%

7.2) prefetch

7.3) recent

7.4) temp

8.Registry Editor

9.Desktop Speed Boot option

10.Turn Windows Features on or off

And final thing is if not working any given above methods that’s means you need to upgrade some components of Your PC such as RAM, Hard Disk  300GB (Min), 500GB (Max) OR 1 TB (Best)

Best Methods to speed up your computer (PC) step by step

1. Hard Disk clean up

Hard Disk cleanup is a process of cleaning which cleaning unwanted bug files and system garbage from Your computer.


Speed Up Slow Computers

Optimize Windows speed

My computer —>: C Disk—>Properties—> General Tab—> Disk cleanup Button—>Check boxes—>Ok—>Delete Files

Open My computer, then you can see there disk drives such as

Local disk (:C) , Local disk (:D) and …etc.

Choose (: C) disk now Right click on it and then go to Properties

Under General Tab you can find Disk Cleanup button

Just click on it and just wait it will started scan and it will show another menu

Now Keep in check all check boxes and click on Click on OK.

Finally click on Delete files that’s it, you can do same as remaining disks.

This process only removes and delete unwanted bug files which were stored in PC’s hard disk

2. Disk Defragment Now


My computer —>: C Disk—>Properties—> Tools Tab—> Defragment Now Button—>Select any Disk—>Analyze disk—> Defragment Disk

If disk value is 0 then leave it. if any of them disk value is 1 or more ,now select that disk and make it Defragment this process will take some time, wait until that disk value is consolidated as zero “0”

Disk Defragment Now is a process of Scanning & cleaning up some infected bug files from your computer.

Open my computer then right click on any disk, here in this case selected: C disk now go to properties, then click on Tools Tab and one more time click on Defragment Now Button, now select any one of them but you need to Analyze all disks how much they have fragmented each one and make them Defragment one by one. In this case: C disk is selected.

Now click on Analyze disk button after that if it is completed analyzing of disk, then click on

Defragment Disk it will take some time to complete disk’s defragmentation to get rid of some error bug files from PC. That’s it.

Watch video which is provided to get better understand how to do it.

3. Deleting unwanted software applications and Programs from PC


Open control panel —> go to Programs & Features—> select program and Uninstall selected program

Running more software applications at same time may cause to slow down pc’s work performance.

Delete unwanted software applications and Programs from PC if you do not use them in your day to day work with them. Just delete them to make some free space of storage and use of RAM.

4. Changing visual theme Effects and turn off some settings

Here is two options we need to change each one of them, they have just be different options

Option 1 is Desktop Background Option which is Personalize


Desktop —>Right click—> Personalize—>Choose One single background—> then go to Window color —>Uncheck Enable transparency box

You can access this option by right clicking on desktop there you can find Personalize.

Click on Personalize

Select only one background, but not multiple backgrounds which are changing very time with different background images.

Now click on Window Color

Then choose best color of them which one is as desired to your pc

Uncheck tick mark from check box of “Enable transparency”

Finally click on “Save Changes”

That’s it.

Option 2 is system Properties Menu


Right click on My computer—> Properties —>Advances system settings—>Advanced Tap—>Performance Settings—> uncheck some visual effects—>click on Apply—>click on OK

This option may help to just speed up system performance work of PC

Go to start button, then right click on my computer or computer, now choose Properties, and then click on Advances system settings, and then click on performance settings button which is under Advanced Tab.

There are four options available just choose custom option and keep in check some desired visual effects for your pc’s work performance.

Now click on apply button and finally click on OK.

That’s it you have done.

5. Adding virtual Memory from Hard Disk

Virtual memory is one type of computer-generated memory which is adapted from Hard disk and a part of: C disk’s portion. It used as paging files whenever you open any program on your computer (PC) in this time that program can run in to this allocated virtual memory and it gives some speed performance work, then you just feel your Pc is faster than previous one.


Right click on My computer—> Properties —>Advances system settings—>Advanced Tap—>Performance Settings—> Advanced Tap —> virtual Memory Change Tab—>click on OK

Uncheck the check automatically Manage Paging File Size For all drives

Here You need only select :C drive

Now just calculate how much RAM is still useable

For example in this case

Total RAM is 4 GB and 3.25GB usable

Now just change Usable 3.25 GM in to MB value something like

3.25GB = 3.25x 1024= 3328 MB but you can found there the value was 3325 under Virtual memory menu

Just take that value(3325 MB)

Now multiply with 1.5 factor of safety value to conform with usable RAM in your PC

Now result is 3325×1.5=4987.5 here ignore .5 value adapt 4987MB

Then keep in tick the radio button “Custom size” and put this value in to the box of Initial size (MB):4987

And next put same value in to Maximum Size (MB) box: 4987

And the click on set button and click OK

And one more time click on Apply and Click on OK

Finally Restart your PC to Apply all changes.

If it is not work, all you need to do just remove values from boxes and

Keep in check the check mark in automatically manage paging file size for all drives option from Virtual memory menu

That’s it.

6. Use Pen Drive as PC‘s Booster

One of the best ways to speed up your PC is adapting some memory from external Device such as Pen drive.

Pen drive must be 4GB or more. Try it with your pen drive.

Insert your pen drive in to your PC’s USB Port, and then it will pop up automatically on desktop in this time you need to just allow it and close it.

Now open My computer or computer, you can find there your pen drive from those disk drives.

Right click on Pen drive and choose Properties

Now click on Ready boost Tab from menu options

There are 3 options you can see

-Do not use this device

This option is set by default, don’t use pen drive and if you want to remove pen drive from your PC. Before removing your pen drive you need to open this settings and keep in check “Do not use this device” option. Now only remove pen drive otherwise pen drive may damage.

-Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost

This option is used for full storage of pen drive (if your pen drive is empty, no any files in it.)

Empty pen drive that without any files in it. This option access full storage space and used it’s pc’ program running functions.

-Use this device

This option is only used if pen drive with some files. If there is some files stored in your pen drive you can choose this option. This option is allocated free space of pen drive and remaining storage is occupied by files.

Following any of them given above is very effective as your need, choosing right one before speed up your PC.

7. Cleaning up Bug files, system application’s garbage by using following given below         short codes in Search option or run option.

These options are accessing by searching in Your PC’s Search Option such as

No1. Search programs and Files (click on start button of windows then you can find it option)

No2. RUN Search Option, it will open by keyboard short cuts key such as Win+R

Press and hold down win key and just press R key on keyboard then this option will pop up.

Now type and click on OK or Hit Enter key on keyboard that following given below short words





Direction: Win+R —> Open Run Search option—>Type given Text—>Ok or Hit enter Key–>Ctrl+A Select all files—> Delete Bug files—> close the folder :That’s it

To open run search option at Every time you need to use short cut keys such as Win+R on keyboard and type given text and open folders and select all bug files with help of short cut keys Ctrl+ A and delete them, but there is some files still in the folder just ignore them and close folder and come to next process. Each very time open run option and type different given text and remove all bug files from folders. That’s it.

8. Turn Windows Features On or Off

In this option we need to stop System games by just unchecking Games Checkbox. And Click on OK.

Open control panel—> go to Programs and Features—> Select software application which you want to uninstall—> then click on uninstall.

That’s it.

9. Registry Editor

This option is not recommend to you if you don’t know full information about system Registry Editor. If you make any mistake it will results entire damage of Your PC. Beware of accessing this option.

Ok here you can open it safely step by step

There are two ways to search in system and open designated files or programs.

No1-Go to start button click on it, then you can see there is search option such as Search programs and files.

No2- Run search option by keyboard short cuts (Win+R) keys, this option will open and type file name, program name or any other name to open particular files or programs.

Open any of them which mentioned above.

Type in search box as “regedit” and Hit enter key on keyboard, then it will open Registry Editor Window.

(MenuShowDelay )

Now here choose “HKEY_CURRENT_USER”—> Control Panel—>Desktop—>MenuShowDelay

Double click on it and change value of 400 to 200 and Click on OK and close all windows which are opened before.


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE—>SYSTEM—>CurrentControlSet—> Control—>WaitToKillServiceTimeout (Double click on it and change value of 12000 to 6000 or 4000 and Click on OK)

That’s it.

10. Desktop Speed Boot option

This option may just help to boot up your PC faster than previous one boot time.

Search in your system’s search box as “system configuration”

It will open system configuration window menu

Now choose and click on Boot Tab

Change the value of Timeout which is located at right side of menu windows

Change value of 30 to 3 or 6 to get faster pc booting process.

And then click on Advanced.

Advanced Option it will open BOOT Advanced Option Menu

Keep Check mark in Check box of Number of Processors

Now here choose maximum number of processor and click on OK

And then Click on Apply and Ok

Finally restart Your PC.

These settings can give you feel like just faster than previous one.

That’s it you have done all things about how to speed up slow computer.


These are very popular and oldest methods to speed up slow computers (PC). Follow given description step by step to increase your system speed performance. This information very helpful, if your Pc has 2GB of RAM or less and less Hard disk storage. If not working for you given above information that’s mean you have to upgrade your PC or its components.

And if you make any mistakes without knowing full information, I’m not responsible for your mistakes and any damage of Your PC.

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