Best Tourist Attraction Places In Haveri, In India 2020

tourist attraction places in haveri

Best Tourist Attraction Places In Haveri, India 

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Name: Haveri

Country: India

State: Karnataka

Town: Haveri

District: Haveri district

Haveri Nickname: Yalakki  kampina  nadu

Haveri is a town in the state of Karnataka, India and is the administrative headquarter. it’s one of the tourist attraction places in India.

Haveri is the name which was derived from the Kannada words havu and keri that means place of snakes. Haveri is famed for cardamom garlands.

The history says in ancient days there was around 1000 mathas in Haveri. One of the famous mathas is Hukkeri Math. Western Chalukya architectural movement is also famed in Haveri.

Tourist attractions of Haveri

Siddhesvara Temple

Siddhesvara Temple

Image Source: Siddhesvara Temple in Haveri Town

Superstructure Established: 11th century CE.

Nagara Style Tower

Nagara style tower

Image Source: Nagara style tower in Haveri

Dravida Style Tower

Dravida style tower

Image Source: Dravida style tower in Haveri

Chalukya Architectural Developments

Chalukya architectural developments

Image Source: Chalukya architectural Moments in Haveri

The Area present-day including Bagalkot, Gadag, Koppal, Haveri and Dharwad districts.

Tarakeshwara Temple

Tarakeshwara Temple

Image Source: Tarakeshwara Temple in Haveri

Name: Tarakeshwara (Deity Shiva)

Country: India

State: Karnataka

District: Hangal

Location: Hangal

Completed: mid-11th or 12th century

Established: 1897 (Main Temple)

Tarakeshwara Temple is a famous Hindu Temple which was situated in Hangal, and dedicated to Lord  Shiva as Tarakeswara, it’s also temple house for Shiva’s  vahanam Nandi, and his son Ganapathi.

Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary

Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary

Image Source: Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary in Haveri

Indian Peacock

Utsav Rock Garden

Utsav Rock Garden Road

Image Source: Utsav Rock Garden in Haveri

Utsav Rock Garden is a fascinating place to visit with a wonderfully nature and rock structures. It is one of the best tourist spots for rock garden.

Address: NH-4 Road Shiggaon Taluk, Gotagodi, Karnataka

Including Nearest best transportation facilities in the Haveri Town  Road Way, RailWay and AirWays

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