Best 54 Web Hosting Affiliate Programs To Earn Money 2020

54 Web Hosting Affiliate Programs offering To get real income from online.

Caution: Awareness and Information Purpose Only. This post was already updated in 2019

Web hosting affiliate sites which are Providing Affiliate partner programs to users.

And Ways To Earn Money With Blog Or Website 2019.

Know more about What is An Affiliate Marketing or Program

Affiliate programs are categorized in to two types. They are

Affiliate Type 1:

Without websites or Blogs (Must have Social Media)

A person can join in affiliate program without having any blog or website, but should have social media like Facebook twitter .etc. with more followers.

Affiliate Type 2:

With a website or a Blog (social media as well). Website or blog required.

A person can join only in affiliate program if have a website or blog and social media as well.

Person (User) Requirements:

User must have given below requirements

1.Gmail Account (Email A/c).

2.Social Media like Facebook twitter .etc. with more Followers.

3.A Website or a Blog

4.Bank A/c

5.Tax pay Number

We should have one or two of them  Payments Receiving Options:

-PayPal, Moneybookers (Skrill), Net Banking , Wire/Bank Transfers , Paper Cheque, payoneer

Most preferred option for PayPal

 List Of Top 54 Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

1) A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting affiliate program

A2 Hosting Affiliate

-Website Name: A2 Hosting

-Official Website:

Service Type:Web Hosting ,Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting,    Dedicated Hosting and Affiliate Program.

-Affiliate Tools: BannersAffiliate Links, Deep Links

-Cookies Duration: 90 days

Commission: for every sale based

-Second Tier Commission:$5 to $50

Referral once that account who the partner referred has been active for 30-days.

1-10 sales: $85 get paid

11-20 sales: $100 get paid

21-30 sales: $120 get paid

31+ sales: $140 get paid

Payout Period: Monthly Payments on the 15th (45-days of qualified Sale)

-Minimum Payouts: $100 commission balance

Payout Options: PayPal, Wire/Bank

2) AgilityHoster 

AgilityHoster affiliate program

-Website Name: AgilityHoster

-Official Website:

Service Type:  Web Hosting, Free Web hosting, VPS

-Affiliate Tools: BannersText Links (Affiliate Links)

-Cookies Duration Details Just: N/A

-Referrer link up to 10 Years


1-10 sales: $60 per each sale

1-10 sales: $110 per each sale

1+ free signups for month $0.10 for each new registration

conversion 30 signups 30×110 = $3.3000

-Payout Period: net-60 basis, between the 20-30th day of the month

-Minimum Payouts: Over $100

(The payment is reduced by $30 if option is bank wire transfer , paper cheque)

Payout Options: PayPal, Moneybookers (Skrill), Bank transfer, Paper Cheque

3) AwardSpace

AwardSpace affiliate program

AwardSpace Affiliate

-Website Name: AwardSpace

-Official Website:

Service Type:  Web Hosting, Free Web Hosting, Shared Premium Hosting, Semi-       Dedicated Hosting, VPS Cloud Hosting, Domain Names and Affiliate

Affiliate Tools: Affiliate links, banners and referral links

-Cookies Duration: N/A

-Commission : net-60

Referral signup free $0.10 per each one new successful signups

1-2 sales or signup – $60 get paid

3+ Sales or signup– $110 get paid

1 referral a day for a month

$110 x 30 = $3,300

Payout Period: between the 20-30th day of the month

As company mentioned if Commission for January will be paid between 20-30th of March

-Minimum Payouts:  $100

Payout  Options: PayPal, Moneybookers (Skrill), Bank transfer, Paper cheque

4) BigRock

BigRock affiliate program

BigRock Affiliate

-Website Name: BigRock

-Official Website:

Service Type:  Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Affiliate

-Affiliate Tools: Affiliate Links, Banners and text links

-Cookies Duration: 60 days

Commission type: Monthly Payouts before 25th of every month

-Commission : Up to 70%

-Referral system signup

25% off domain renews for free when refer 3 new customers.

-Web Hosting  : 70%

-Email Hosting :  70%

-Do-It-Yourself Website Builder Tool  70%

-Digital Certificate 25%

-Domain Registration 20%

-Reseller Hosting  50%

-Payout Period: on 15th day of the month for sales referred in last month.

-Minimum Payouts: $50

Payout Options: PayPal, Net Banking or Cheque

5) Biz.Nf

Biz.Nf affiliate program

Website Name: Biz.Nf

-Official Website:

-Service Type:  Free Web Hosting, Free Domain, Low Cost Web Hosting, And Affiliate

Affiliate Tools: Banners & Affiliate text link

-Cookies Duration: 60 days

(The logged information Keeps up to 10 years)

-Commission: net-60

Referral signup free $0.10 cent  get paid per each one new successful signups,

1-2 sales per month- $60 get paid per sale

3-19 sales per month – $110 get paid per sale

20+ sales per month – $125 get paid per sale

Payout Period: For October are paid between 10-15th of December

-Minimum Payouts: $100

Otherwise the commissions are moved to the next payout

Payout options: PayPal, Moneybookers (Skrill), Bank Transfer and Paper Check

6) Bluehost

Bluehost affiliate program

-Website Name: Bluehost

-Official Website:

Service Type: Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration and Affiliate

Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, Reseller hosting

Affiliate Tools: Affiliate Links and Banners

-Cookies Duration: N/A


$65 get paid for each single signup

Payout Period: Forty Five (45) To Sixty (60) Days After The End Of The Month

-Minimum Payouts: $100

Payout Options: PayPal or ACH transfers

7) Byethost

Byethost affiliate program

-Website Name: Byethost

-Official Website:

Service Type:  Web Hosting, Free Web Hosting, Premium Hosting Services,Dedicated Servers and Affiliate Program

-Affiliate Tools: Banners and Affiliate Links

-Cookies Duration: 60 days


Lifetime 5% commission get paid  for each payment they make on their account

Payout Period: within 30 days for successful signup account or 60 days

Minimum Payouts: $100

Payout Options: PayPal

8) Domain racer

Domain racer affiliate program

-Company Name: Domain racer

-Official Website:

-Service Type:  Web Hosting, Reseller, Hosting VPS Hosting, Lite Speed Technology Affiliate

-Affiliate Tools: N/A

-Cookies Duration: 60 days

If payment revert back then must pay for Penalty due $5


Up to 40%

lead system more information may be in user admin panel

01-10 Lead 20%

11-20 Leads 25%

21-30 Leads 30%

31+ Leads 40%

-Payout Period: 60 days

-Minimum Payouts: $ 100

Payout options: PayPal

9) DreamHost

DreamHost affiliate program

-Website Name: DreamHost


-Service Type:  Web Hosting, Shared hosting and affiliate


DreamHost Table

Get paid via PayPal after 97 days

10) FastWebHost

FastWebHost affiliate program

-Website Name: FastWebHost

-Official Website:

Service Type: Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Domain Name Register and Affiliate Program

-Affiliate Tools: Banners and Affiliate Links

-Cookies Duration: 60 days


FastWebHost Table

Paid on the last week of each month following the first 60 days after the salePayout Period: first 60 days after the sale

as a company mentioned if it made one sale in January, it will be paid $20commission the last week of March

Minimum Payouts: $20 but balance at least $100

Payout Options: PayPal (other options may be in admin panel)

11) Fatcow

Fatcow affiliate program

-Website Name: Fatcow

-Official Website:

Service Type: Web Hosting, VPS Services, Dedicated Servers, FatCow Partner Programs

-Affiliate Tools: Banners and Links

-Cookies Duration: 30 days


Referrals credits up to  $35 for new FatCow hosting Users

-Payout Period: 30 days

Minimum Payouts:  $100 get paid

$9 Cheap sheep plan- $25 get paid

Shared hosting-$100 get paid

VPS-$100 commission get paid and Dedicated-$150

Payout Types: PayPal, Checks, Hosting credits

12) Free Virtual Servers

Free Virtual Servers affiliate program

-Website Name: Free Virtual Servers

-Official Website:

Service Type:  Free Web hosting, premium hosting

-Currency: GBP (pound)

-Affiliate Tools: N/A

-Cookies Duration: N/A

Commission type:

Free Virtual Servers table

Some Details were not available but May be in admin panelNote : Conversion rates may change

13) FreeHostingEU

freehostingeu affiliate program

-Website Name: FreeHostingEU

-Official Website:

Service Type:  Free Web Hosting, free domain and paid (Premium) hosting

-Affiliate Tools: Banners and text links

-Cookies Duration: N/A

-Commission type: net 60

10 cents per every free signup and qualified hosting account

Get commission for every sale of Shared, Semi-Dedicated or VPS hosting plans

1-2 paid hosting sales per month – $60 get paid per sale

3-19 paid hosting sales per month – $110 get paid  per sale

20+ paid hosting sales per month – $125 get paid per sale

Payout Period: between 10th and 15th day of the month

As per company mentioned that commissions for August are paid on 10-15th of October

Minimum Payouts: $100

Payout Options: PayPal, Moneybookers, Bank wire transfer, Paper check

14) GoDaddy

GoDaddy affiliate program

-Website Name: GoDaddy

-Official Website:

Service Type: Domain Names, Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, SSL Certificates, Much more. CJ Affiliate

Some information may available in admin panel

15) Gen X Web Hosting

Gen X Web Hosting affiliate program

-Website Name: Gen X Web Hosting

-Official Website:

Service Type:  Web Hosting Packages, Linux Shared Hosting, Windows Shared Hosting

Linux Reseller Hosting, Windows Reseller Hosting, Node X Virtual Cloud, Dedicated Server, Affiliate Program

Affiliate Tools: Banners and text links

-Cookies Duration: 90 days

-Get paid up to  25% for each Referral sale

-SignUp Bonus $11.12 (INR 800)

Minimum Payouts: Minimum balance required for payout

$41.70 (INR 3,000.00)

-Preferred for PayPal

-Some information: N/A

16) GoogieHost

GoogieHost affiliate program

-Website Name: GoogieHost

-Official Website:

Service Type:  Free Hosting Clients, GoogieHost Reviews, Free Domain Name

-Some information: N/A

Commission get paid : $0.25 per each qualified sign-Ups

$5 get paid for every paid active sign-Ups

-Standard Commissions: $0.25

GoogieHost Table

$500 + GoogieHost Custom T-Shirt+ Your profile will be listed in GoogieHost contributors list.GoogieHost will give a Gift package after 1000 successful referrals

-Payout Period: 30 days

-Minimum Payouts: N/A

Payout Options: PayPal or account credit

17) Hostinger

Hostinger affiliate program

-Website Name: Hostinger


Service Type:  Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting and More

-Cookies Duration: 60 days

-Commission get paid : Up to 60% per sale

Payout Period: once per month , when reach $100 minimum limit

-Minimum Payouts: $100

-Payout Options: PayPal

18) HostPapa

HostPapa affiliate program

-Website Name: HostPapa

-Official Website: &

Service Type:  Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, and reseller Hosting and Domain registration

-Currency: £ GBP & $CAD

Affiliate Tools: Banners and Text links

-Commission: Up to $200 per sale

-Web hosting service:  $75 per sale

-Reseller services: up to $100 per sale and offers 5 different levels of reseller services at a monthly and yearly option

Minimum Payouts:

The minimum threshold: CAD $100 and €50 (Europe) or £50 (UK).

Canada/U.S./Australia/Mexico/India/Singapore/New Zealand/Hong Kong

Payout Types: PayPal only

19) Hostripple

Hostripple affiliate program

-Website Name: Hostripple

-Official Websites:  and

Service Type: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Server+ and more

-Affiliate Tools: Banners and Text link

-Commission get paid : 5% on each sale

-Sign up Bonus $10

-Payout Period: 45 days

-Minimum Payouts: $50

-Payout Types: PayPal

20) HostSoch

HostSoch affiliate program

-Website Name: HostSoch

-Official Websites:  And

Service Type: Hosting, Dedicated Server, Domains and more

Affiliate Tools: Banners & Promotional Text links

-Cookies Duration: 60 Days

-Commission get paid  : 40% for each sale

-Minimum Payouts: Payout Requirements $69.47 (INR 5,000)

Payout Types: PayPal, Wire transfer

21) Hostwinds

Hostwinds affiliate program

-Website Name: Hostwinds

-Official Website:

Service Type:  web hosting service and more

-Commission: Pay-Per-Sale

-Get paid $65 for each sale

1-6 sales per month get paid $65

7-12 sales per month get paid $85

13-18 sales per month get paid $100

19+ a month $135

19 Referrals Each Month get paid $2,565 per Month

-Payout Period: once per month

-Minimum Payouts: $100

Payout Options: PayPal

22 ) HostWithLove

HostWithLove affiliate program

-Website Name: HostWithLove

-Official Website:

Service Type:  Shared Hosting Reseller Hosting Semi Dedicated and Dedicated Servers

-Cookies Duration: 60 days

-Commission get paid : 15% Recurring Payout Per Sign-up

-Payout Types: PayPal

23) iFastNet

iFastNet affiliate program

-Website Name: iFastNet

-Official Website:

Service Type: Web Hosting, WHM Reseller, VPS plans, Dedicated Servers, Register Domain

-Payout Types: PayPal

-Some Details: N/A but may be in admin panel

24) InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting affiliate program

-Website Name: InMotion Hosting

-Official Website:

Service Type:  Web Hosting and Domain Registration

-Affiliate Tools: Banners, Text links and deep linking

-Cookies Duration: 90 Days

-Commission get paid: Up to $50 to $120 per sale

-Payout Period: Monthly Payouts

Payout Options: PayPal

25) InterServer

InterServer affiliate program

-Website Name: InterServer

-Official Website:

Service Type: Domain Registration, web Hosting, VPS, Cloud, Window VPS and more.

-Cookies Duration: 90 days

-Custom Coupon Codes

Commission : get paid  $100 per sale

-Payout Types: Paypal

26) ipage

Ipage affiliate program

-Website Name: Ipage

-Official Website:

Service Type:  web Hosting and Domain Registration

-Commission: Get paid up to $150 per each sale

-Minimum Payouts: $50

Payout Types: PayPal and ACH

27) Just Host

Just Host affiliate program

-Website Name: Just Host

-Official Website:

Service Type:  Web Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting

Commissions: Get paid $65 per sale

-Payout Types: N/A

-Preferred for PayPal

28) KVC Hosting

KVC Hosting affiliate program

-Website Name: KVC Hosting

-Official Website:

Service Type: Top Web Hosting Plans, Unlimited Hosting, Reseller, VPS Web Hosting and more.

-Cookies Duration: 180 Days

Commission: Get paid 45% per sale

-Earn up to  $25,000 per month Guide at KVC Hosting admin panel

-Minimum Payouts: $100

Payout Types: PayPal, Check

29) MocHost

MocHost affiliate program

-Website Name: MocHost

-Official Website:

Commission Type: Pay-Per-Sale

50% of all sales and Up to $2500 per sale

Initial Deposit $10 ( Just for signing up)

Payout Period: 1st of each month

-Minimum Payouts: $100

-Payout Types: PayPal

30) Namecheap

Namecheap affiliate program

-Website Name: Namecheap

-Official Website:

Service Type: most Domain Registration, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers

-Shared Hosting and More

Affiliate partnership at Impact Radius, Commission Junction, ShareASale


Namecheap Table

CJ High commissions – up to 35%

Payout Period: 30 days from end of the monthMarketplace and Premium Domains and Apps 0% commission

For Example: if a qualified service or product is sold successfully on November 13ththen

Commission will be paid 30 days from the end of November or December 30th

-Minimum Payouts: N/A

-Payout options: N/A

-Most Preferred for PayPal

31) SiteGround

SiteGround affiliate program

-Website Name: SiteGround

-Official Website:

Service Type:  Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting and More

-Cookies Duration: 30 to 90 days


SiteGround Table

Per Every successful sale

Minimum Payouts: N/APayout Period: Commission Paid on Wednesday of every week following the first 30 to 40 days after the sale.

Payout Types: PayPal

32) Tsohost

Tsohost affiliate program

-Website Name: Tsohost

-Official Website:

Service Type: UK Web Hosting Solutions, Cloud Hosting, WP Hosting, Reseller Hosting

-Domain Registration and more

-Cookies Duration: 90 days


Tsohost Table

Earn up to £500 ($652.07) for each successful and qualified referral sale

-Minimum Payouts: N/A

-Payout Period: N/A

Payout options: PayPal, BACS and account credit payouts

33) WebFreeHosting

WebFreeHosting affiliate program

-Website Name: WebFreeHosting

-Official Website:

Service Type:  Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Affiliate program and more

-Cookies Duration: 10 years

Commission: net-60 day basis

$30 per every premium hosting sale

10 cents per free signup For Free Hosting

$30 per sale For Paid Hosting (Shared or VPS)

Payout Period: 10-15th day of the month

As per company mentioned that

For example if commission for August then it will be paid between 10-15th of October month.

PayPal or Moneybookers (skrill) (No Charges)

Payment is reduced by $30 for bank fees and charges for bank wire transfer or check.

Minimum Payouts: $100

Payout Options: PayPal, Moneybookers, Bank transfer, Paper check.

34) Weebly

Weebly affiliate program

-Website Name: Weebly

-Official Website:

Service Type: Partners, Ambassadors, Resellers, Share a sale Affiliates, web hosting  and more

-Cookies Duration: 120 Day Cookie

Commission:  30%   and $60+ EPC

-Payout Period: on the 20th of the every month

Minimum Payouts: $50 or more

Payout Options: cheque, direct deposit, or Payoneer

35) Wix

Wix affiliate program

-Website Name: Wix

-Official Website:

-Service Type: web Hosting and more

-Cookies Duration: 30 days

Commission: $100 per sale

36) X10 Hosting

X10 Hosting affiliate program

-Website Name: X10 Hosting

-Official Website:

Service Type:  Free Web Hosting , premium web hosting ,Affiliate and more

-Cookies Duration: 30Days

Commission type: Up to $25 per referral sale

-Payout options: PayPal

37) YouStable

YouStable affiliate program

-Website Name: YouStable

-Official Website :

Service Type:  web hosting, website designing, domain registration and more

-Cookies Duration: 60 Days

Commission: Up to 25%  Recurring Commission

Payout Period: payments for 60 days to validate sales

As per company mentioned If hosting sale is qualified on 1st of March 2018 then We can request for payout on the month of June 1st 2018

-Minimum Payouts: at least $25

Payout options: PayPal, Skrill (for outside India) and Paytm, Airtel Money, Bank Transfer, Instore Credit(within India)

38) ZNetLive

ZNetLive affiliate program

-Website Name: ZNetLive

-Official Website:

Service Type: Domain Name Registration, Web hosting, Reseller and more

-Affiliate Tools: Banners, mailers and text links

-Cookies Duration: 30 days

Commission: up to $21.08 per Sale

Payout Period: after 30 days qualified sale

-Minimum Payouts: $ 27.71 ( INR 2000)

Payout options: NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) and

-Some more Options may available in admin panel

39) Zoho

-Website Name: Zoho

-Official Website:

-Partners: Hosting Providers, Partners, Consulting Partners, Platform Partners, Technology Partners, Referral Partners

-Commission type: N/A

-Payout Period: 45 days

-Minimum Payouts: $100

Payout options: PayPal, wire transfer or any other methods in admin panel

40) Hoskia affiliate program

-Website Name: Hoskia India (

-Official Website:

Service Type: Best cheap cost web hosting with domain

Service type: Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Server and more


Hoskia Table

41) 000WebHost

000WebHost affiliate program

Hostinger integrated web hosting

-Website Name: 000WebHost

-Official Website:

It is one part of Hostinger (like a brother web hosting)

Service Type: Free Web Hosting, Premium web Hosting

-Affiliate Tools: Banners, affiliate Text links


1$ per each single sale

$5 for 5 successful sign-ups

42.) 1&1 (1and1)

1and1 affiliate program

-Company Name: 1and1

-Official Website:

-Service type: Domain Name Registration, web hosting

Commission: up to $120

Some information not available but may be in admin panel.

43) NameHero

NameHero affiliate program

-Website Name: NameHero

-Official Website:

Service Type: WordPress hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS hosting and more

Commission: Up To $125 per valid sale

Payout Options: PayPalMinimum Payouts: $100

NameHero Table

44) Kinsta

Website Name: Kinsta

-Official Website:

Service Type: WordPress Hosting, hosting Affiliate Program and more

-Cookies Duration: 60 Day Cookie

60-day long tracking cookie

Commission:  $50 to $500 and 10% monthly recurring

-Starter plan : $50 commission

-Pro plan : $100 commission

-Business plans : $150 commission

-Enterprise plans : $500 commission

-Payout Period: every month

Earnings are paid in a 60-day conversion gap

Payout Options: PayPal

45) WP Engine

Website Name: WP Engine

-Official Website:

Service Type: WordPress Hosting, hosting Affiliate Program and more

-Cookies Duration: 30Day Cookie

-Payout Period: a span of 180 days

Commission: minimum of $200

Payout is $200+ per sale


Website Name: CLOUDWAYS

-Official Website:

Service Type: WordPress Hosting, hosting Affiliate Program and more

-Cookies Duration: 30Day Cookie

-Payout Period: a span of 180 days

Commission: up to $200 per sale

Slab (performance based): $50 to $125 per sale

Hybrid (performance + recurring based): $30 per signup + 7% lifetime commission

Custom (performance based): Earn up to $200 per sale

47) GreenGeeks

-Website Name: GreenGeeks

-Official Website:

Service Type: WordPress Hosting, hosting Affiliate Program and more

Commission: up to $100 per sale

$50 per 1 sale

$60 per 2 sales

$70 per 3 sales

$80 per 4 sales

$90 per 5 sales

$100 per +6 sales

48) HostRocket

-Website Name: HostRocket

-Official Website:

Service Type:

WordPress Hosting, SSD hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting and Affiliate Program and more

-Payout Period: every month

Commission: up to $150 per each sale

$75 per 1 to 10 sale

$95 per 11 to 12 sales

$115 per 21 to 30 sales

$150 per 31+ sales

49) Pressidium

-Website Name: Pressidium

-Official Website:

Service Type: WordPress Hosting, hosting Affiliate Program and more

Commission:  $50 to $100 per each successful sale

Micro plan: $50

Personal plan, Professional Plan, Business and Business Plus: $100

Commission Bonus Sales:

$50+ per 5 sales

$100+ per 10 sales

$300+ per 25 sales

$500+ per 40 sales

$1000+ per 60 sales

50) Flywheel

-Website Name: Flywheel

-Official Website:

Service Type: WordPress hosting, hosting Affiliate Program and more

-Cookies Duration: 90 days

-Payout Period: Monthly

-Commission: up to $500

Payout options: PayPal

51) Web Hosting Hub

-Website Name: Web Hosting Hub

-Official Website:

Service Type: Web hosting, hosting Affiliate Program and more

-Payout Period: Net-60

-Commission: $50 per sale

Payment threshold: $100

Payout options: PayPal

52) HostMonster

-Website Name: HostMonster

-Official Website:

Service Type: Web hosting, hosting Affiliate Program and more

-Commission: $65 per sale

-Payout option: PayPal

53) WPX Hosting

-Website Name: WPX Hosting

-Official Website:

Service Type: Web hosting, hosting Affiliate Program and more


$70 per 25 sales

$85 per 25 to 100 sales

+$100 per 100+ sales

54) HostGator

-Website Name: HostGator

-Official Website:

Service Type: Web hosting, hosting Affiliate Program and more

-Payout Period: Net-60 day


$50 per 1-5 sales

$75 per 6-10 sales

$100 per 11-20 sales

$125 per 21+ sales

Payout options: PayPal or Check

-Payment threshold: $100

Tunnel Bear

It is not web hosting,it is a secure browsing provider

-Website Name: Tunnel Bear

-Official Website:

Service Type: Unblock websites around the world with applications for Mac, PC, iOS, Android & Chrome. VPN to browse the web privately & securely.

-Payout Period: Monthly

-Commission: $10+

Top 70 Affiliate Programs to earn money from online


54 web Hosting Affiliate websites to join and earn some extra money and as your wish. Before joining in any of those affiliate websites you should read all details of every updates of that particular site. They may change their policy rules and regulations. And you should ready genuine reviews about that company or website from other review blogs. There are number of review blogs available in online check them out.

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