World Animal Welfare Day October 4, Animal Welfare Awareness 2020

The Event World Animal Welfare Day observed annually on October 4th all over the world.

Event Name: World Animal Welfare Day

Date: October 4th

Category: Animals Protections And Animal Welfare

Region: Globally

This post about Event of World Animal Welfare Day For Public Awareness and Information Purpose only.


World Animal Welfare Day in 2020

The Cynologist Heinrich Zimmermann organized the first World Animal Day on 24th March, 1925 in Germany at Berlin sports palace, but the event scheduled on October 4th  and finally the world animal day celebrated on 4th October in 1929 for the first time.

We are living in nature along with other many kinds of living beings on the earth are microorganism, insects, birds, animals and tress. To save, to protect animals from unwanted destructions the only way is raise the responsiveness to the public.

Animal welfare is an important activity not only humans welfare in the earth but also animal are living beings.

The event conducts internationally to motivate the people and public awareness about animal protection.

Each country has its own kind of culture itself and the world animal day may organize many ways in every county.

Educate the people to enhance Values for animal welfare around in the world.

The event makes as the unities of animal welfare movement to organize the global strength to build the world safe place for animals.

Now a day animal welfare activity has become a serious problem. The main concept behind conducting the world animal welfare day is animal’s safety and protection animal rights.

The purpose is in which animals are privileged to their own existence. No breeding, No hunting and not destroying animals for any purpose.

Animals have also their privileges as human’s rights, but no one recommended and to fulfill animal welfare activity encourage animal organizations, public groups and guide the children, motivate the youth to conduct world animal day event.

The UL-Based Animal Welfare Charity, Naturewatch Foundation supported Animal Protection movement since 2003.


In this Post all about is The World Animal Welfare Event Day for Public Awareness and information only. Save the Nature, Be saved.

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