World Architecture Day October 5, Amazing Event Day 2020


World Architecture Day is one of the great event days, observed on October 5th  Celebrated annually all over the world.

Wish You Happy Architecture Day to Architect Engineers.


What is Architecture?

Architecture is a one of the greatest Science subjects which deals with the science huge practiced art of design and construction of buildings (Any structures).

Architecture: Art of Drawing, Planning, Design of structures and construction of building.

Examples: Burj Khalifa in Dubai and The Taj Mahal in India and many more around the globe.

Many Architects designed wonderful buildings by Architecture.

Imhotep was an Egyptian and the first Architect who chancellor to the King Djoser and  Djoser’s step pyramid in Egypt.

Who is Architect?

He is a person who creates designs, structural drawings, planning and construction of building for a project.

Architects have huge responsibilities project start to end, they are in many positions like

Architect: Architect, Designer, Planner, Engineer, Builder, Draftsman or Draftswoman.

An Architect has a good knowledge on project and many responsibilities involving renovation, planning, design, construction, production and sometimes including art work at historical civilization, cultural symbols frequently observation.

The construction or Architect of region significantly shows its development of culture and civilization.

The Roman Architect Engineer, author Marcus Vitruvius Pollio wrote the first Architect subject is “De Architectura”.

In the world many cities face problems, the planning and design of an urban is a critical to a better urban future. People cannot follow safety precautions, because they lake of cleaning water in urban areas.

According to Architect the good building structure should satisfy the three important principles such as

Firmness Commodity and Delight

A building should stand up without any remarks is durability

The building should be pleasing or Delight.

A building Suitable purpose of building for which it is used Utility

The International Union of Architectures (UIA) world Architecture day celebrated in 1985 on the first Monday. In the year of 2020, the theme of World Architecture day is significantly A Better Urban Future.

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The post is all about Awareness and information purpose only. The world Architecture day the main purpose behind the theme is urban future development.

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