World patient safety day September 17th Every Year, Better Society With Service

World patient safety day September 17th Every Year. International Patient Safety Day on Tuesday 17th September, 2020.

It will be conducted every year on 17th September Month.

Caution: Awareness and Information Purpose Only. this post was already updated in 2019


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World patient safety day September

Event Name: International Patient Safety Day

Event Date: Tuesday 17th September, 2020

Every year on 17th September

Event Country: Around the world

International Patient Safety Day

On the occasion of the first World Patient Safety Day on 17 September 2019.

The World Health Organization (WHO) launches a worldwide campaign to raise awareness of patient safety and wish people to show their assurance to making health care safer.

Complex, multi-layered health care systems are some time away from patient safety concerns.

Thus, the International Patient Safety Day observed on September 17th reminds us that patient safety is all we have. All relevant stakeholders in our health care process

– patients, doctors, managers – must work together to ensure the safe delivery of health care. Finally, building a     culture of safety at all levels of the health care system.

World patient safety day on 17th September 2020

Health is Wealth

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International History of Patient Safety Day

Patient-Safety-Day on 17

Image source:World patient safety day

In 2019 Hospital Openness & Awareness:

A study published in the journal “Health Affairs,” found that “hospital staff’s free speech environment is associated with higher positive outcomes if they see something that negatively affects the patient.”

In 2001 Lindbergh Operation:

A team of doctors in New York successfully completed surgery on a patient using high-speed telecommunications in Strasbourg, France.

In 1985 Dialysis Machine:

Willem Kolf invents the artificial kidney dialysis machine.

In 1967 First heart transplant:

Dr. Christian Bernard had the first human heart transplant.

How to Celebrate International Patient Safety Day:

Talk to the doctor. or doctor talk to you

Doctor visits can be intimidating and doctors are not always the best communicators.

Have an open conversation with your doctor about how you feel.

This is an issue you can’t talk about much.

Read the drug label:

Disorders in delivering and taking medications are a major component of deficiencies in patient safety.

Make sure you read the labels on your medication to take the correct dose, and don’t be afraid to chat with your pharmacist about any questions related to your prescriptions.

Contribute to your own safety:

Read on for best practices to maintain good health and ensure that your visit to a doctor or hospital is as safe as possible. World Health Organizations provide resources on its website.

Ways to increase your patient safety


Make sure that anyone involved in providing medical care is aware of your allergies.

Be prepared:

Do not show up at the doctor’s office or hospital; Think about what you want to know and learn in advance.

Do your own research:

Doctors know a lot, but there is no harm in digging yourself into facts about any given situation.

Why is International Patient Safety Day important?

This is a considerable problem

According to the World Health Organization, harm to patients worldwide causes tuberculosis, and one in every 10 hospital patients will be harmed in some way during a hospital visit.

Damage is expensive:

Nearly 15 percent of all health care costs are wasted when dealing with incidents that do not keep patients safe. Focusing on patient safety reduces health care costs and makes health care delivery more efficient.

Administrative flaws are prevalent:

There is a lot of paperwork involved in providing health care. More than other problems, administrative deficiencies contribute to a lack of patient safety.

International Patient Safety Day is a reminder not only for patients, but for health care administrators who focus on patient safety.


International Patient Safety Day held on 17th September every year. Health is wealth.

Create better society for humans.

It is an information and awareness purpose only.

Thank You.

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