World Post Day October 9-World Event Day 2020

October 9 World Post Day

The World Post Day celebrated on October 9 every year all over the world.

October 9 World Post Day

World Post Day October 9

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) started anniversary of world post day in 1874 in Switzerland.

The post office is a public organization or department under control of government.

The post office department is responsible for delivery postal services, transport letters and postage operations.

   Post Office Facilities

Now a day post office providing many kinds of facilities to public such as

– Mails or posts Delivering

-Speed post and packaging services

-Money Order or Money Transfer and Remitting Money

-Saving Accounts

-Money Depositing Schemes

-Old age Pensions for citizens and many more services are available in post office.

 Largest Post Office Network

The India has the largest post office network in the world, approximately 1, 61,193 post offices.

The Universal Postal Union increases global communication revolution information by introducing the ability of writing letters to others all over the world.

The world post day originally started in1969 since and then all countries started celebration of world post day around the world.

The main theme behind the world post day is importance and awareness of Postal services or post facilities.

The Universal Postal Union Congress declared first celebrating the world post day on October 9, 1969 in Turkey and Japan.

The Indian member of representatives Shri Anand Mohan Narula submitted proposal for world post day. Since then the world post day started celebrating all countries around the world.

World Highest Post Office, Northern India

The world highest post office was Hikkim house post office at spiti valley in India the height is at 4400m above sea level.

Postal Museum in India

The Historical postal philatelic museum is located at Nazarbad in Mysore city, state of Karnataka in India.

Philatelic, philately is the study of postal history and postage stamp

National Postal museum

The National Postal museum established in 1993 in Washington, D.C United states.

Spellman Museum of Stamps & Postal History

Spellman Museum of Stamps & Postal History is the philatelic museum established in 1960 at Regis College, Weston, Massachusetts.


The Post is all about Awareness and information purpose only. The World Post Day main theme is importance of Postal services.

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