World Smile Day October 2, Every Year Event 2020

World Smile Day Event Announced on October 2nd   in every year


World Smile Day Annual Celebration

Event Name: World Smile Day

Date: October 2nd

Category: Health and Happiness

Region: World

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Humans smile

Animal smile and emoji information

This post all about Event of smile Day is Public Awareness and Information Purpose only.

Ha ha ha laugh…Wish You A Happy smile Day and one smile can change a great moment of life. Why because we are humans having spiritual emotions.

Human being facial expression is one of the wonderful body languages, a positive emotion or happy mood and pleasure relieves on lips gently expend by smiling is formed at the sides of mouth.

Sometimes a smile can express a feeling of anxiety, nervousness, it happens automatically conscious. A smile sometimes observes smiling is as a negative expression, even a sign of foolishness, suspicious behavior.

Smile is a great thing in our life; one smile can keep you happy, looks beautiful on your face and keep away health disorders. If you are happy the entire day then that day your health would be great.

Did You know how many Types Of smiles are there at present?

There are many Kinds of smiles, but some type of smiles are considered as important such as

All image credits go to respective owners

Closed Lip SmileImage source Closed-Lip smile

Twisted smile

Image source Twisted smile

Image source Forced smile

Genuine smile

Image source Genuine smile

Sneer smile

Image source Sneer smile

smug smile

Image source Smug smile

Open mouth smile

Image source Open mouth smile
Flirtatious smileImage source Dimple smile

Ohh! No this essayist was frustrating himself because of conveying people for smile day laugh and laugh ha ha ha…


Some search case studies were told that if you don’t have smile, laugh and with bad mood, angry or worry about something is causing produce bad hormone fluids in your body at that day may lead to health issues. This bad reaction may not be happened instantly right now, but in future you may face it.

What is World smile Day?

World smile Day event is observed on 1st October in every year.

Now a day people is forgetting to smile and laugh because of busy working days. The main thing is earning money, eating something and sleeping that’s all enough to live, but days have been passing away at that time your health will ruin and finally you are passing nothing take anything with you. Everything in this world is just temporally a few years alive, so be happy and keep smile on your face, share your happiness with other rather than sad news.

Why was Smile Day Celebration being happened?

There was no particular movement about smile day come to use, but people decide to make a smile day event which occurs in every year on 1st October month.

Every county has it owns cultures, different religions and societies as their cultural studies have spoken that mean of smiling is a kind of communication all over the world.

The scientists called Primatologists are who studying about primates such study comprising Zoology, Biology, pharmaceutical research, anthropology and this field is including orangutans, chimpanzees and gorillas.

Animal Smileimage source Animals can’t smile,behaving just like

The Orangutans are great apes (chimpanzees) their native to Indonesia and Malaysia’s forests.

The primatologist was a lady and her name was “Signe Preuschoft” discovered a cheerful chimpanzee in the forest the chimp’s smile that means the smile may have changed differently among species and humans. Chimpanzee, apes and monkeys are showing of their teeth.

In the social situations smiling and laughter both may have different roles, it is a signaling system to communicate information as natural conditions and it indicates shy and shame.

A smile seems to be favorable effect upon others one agreeable and friendlier. Sometimes smiling is a pre-laughing nature, it happens usually and response to laughter.

Behind being reaching of Psychology studies, human metal conditions and cultural situations the people have to smile and laugh, make a fun at least once a would totally different be person to person, so the celebrations, festivals and events were born from our cultural society.



Emojis are small image pictures used in all types of mobile phones and devices.And used to electronic messaging to express emotions or condition. The Emojis are a facial expression, smileys pictures and ideogram (a character symbolism identity without sound or text letters)

In Japanese Emoji is E=Picture and moji=Character

The Emoticons were first introduced as emojis in Japan in 1990’s by DOCOMO at chat room discussions.

The first emojis were designed in 1999’s by Japanese artist called Shigetaka Kurita.

Now today the messaging sticker images created for all types of devices.

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In this Post all the purpose is about of world Smile Day Event, Awareness and information only. Any way keep smile and lead happy life.

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